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Simulation Sickness - anyone else get it?

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  • Simulation Sickness - anyone else get it?

    For those of you who don't know, simulation sickness is similar to motion sickness, but sort of reversed.
    I get it sometimes when I play games. Your brain reacts to the lack of movement even though your eyes are telling you that you are moving.

    It only really seems to be an issue with some games. I can't play Alone In The Dark on the ps2 for too long, for example, and some similar games on the PC. But I can spend hours in front of Oblivion without problems... same with VTMB. I suspect it has something to do with the pace of the games.

    Anyone else have a problem with it? Any suggestions on how to prevent it?
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    I do! All the time.

    I play World of Warcraft and for somethings...If im running/flying in circles or turning lots of different ways quickly....I get nauseaous and have to log off. My husband thinks its funny. Unfortunately, I dont have any prevention tips, so Ill be keeping an eye on this to see if anyone else does.


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      I get it sometimes too. Both headaches and nausea. Especially when I used to play World of Warcraft. Not so much when flying but the bounding up down motion that you got on some of the mounts, just made me ill. Sometimes the flashing neon in that game (like in netherstorm) make me really sick to my stomach also. Star Trek Online was the same thing. There was one mission in the wormhole that was all swirling columns and flashing light streams and I had to throw up after the mission.

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        Advice from a Nerd and Medical guy.

        Ok I get it too, I am a fool for most motion-sicknesses
        It has to do with your monitor refresh rates...if you have an old CRT, pitch it. get an LCD... they are cheap now... and will blow a CRT away any day. Old CRTs, give off the low-level Radiation that strains your eyes.

        Also, make certain you are not sitting in a way that crunches your neck... too high or too low, can cut off oxygen going to your brain, and making you dizzy too, and it wreaks havoc on your eyes. It cuts off alot of nerve impulses and messages, that go to your brain.

        Check your refresh rates! 60-80 Hertz is the best. (or 120 if you have a kick-ass monitor). If they are refreshing slower then the human eye, your brain can see the frame rates and it blows your mind... much like when you see someone filming a monitor, and you see the scan line/ refresh bar.

        it can be the colors.. try using a darker set of colors... if you can use 'windows classic" theme. Or actually turn down the contract and brightness on your monitor. Also, make sure you are running your monitor at its best possible color rate. If your playing a game, and not going to blink alot, make certain you have darker colors, so you dont 'fry' your eyes... (I am going though that right now). Also, just blink alot, before you start to play, or about ever 15-20 mins into game. it relaxes your optical muscle eye strain can cause major head aches and motion sickness issues.

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          The only thing I have been able to find about how to prevent it is to chew on ginger, sit further away from the monitor and to move your upper body in accordance to the movements of the game.
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          "A mind of the calibre of mine cannot derive its nutriment from cows." - George Bernard Shaw