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SOE woes and what are you playing to pass the time

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  • SOE woes and what are you playing to pass the time

    I saw someone resurrect the MMO poll,and noticed a few played SOE games...I myself play EQ.So what is everyone playing to pass the time while SOE gets their act together and gets everyone back online?

    Some people in my guild have tried Rift,but few liked it...some are trying RL...and not liking that much either :smileroll ,but I re-activated my WoW account and have been lvl'ing up a bloodelf hunter.I've lvl'd up one or two already,but figured I'd make a character on a server where I knew starting over yet again.Probably will only play it until EQ is back up and running.The lack of any substantial update is not making me happy though.
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    We had to give up EQ a few months ago, so this hasn't affected us really.
    Though when we did leave we jumped into playing our 360 more.
    Sadly our current computers just refuse to let us play anything on the PC right now and there is no money to get new ones.
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