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Considering to buy the Wii... some help please?

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  • Considering to buy the Wii... some help please?

    Hello everyone,

    So as title says, I'm considering buying the Wii. I'm wary of the PS3, I'm not a huge fan of a lot of its games. XBox games are beyond expensive (though they look awesome).

    I used to play Nintendo 64 and I have a DS I play when I don't want to look at big screens and want to relax with simpler games etc. I would like to buy the Wii but I am *very* disappointed of the downturn Nintendo has had with its gaming franchise -why do I want to buy a console to just play sports games etc? and they seem very gimmicky from what I can tell. Also, the recent tablet-controller gimmick is ridiculous.

    I'm happy to play the classics (like Mario kart, Super Mario Bros etc), and Wii Sports/Dance games will get other people I live with more active and it would be games they prefer which I don't mind playing - however, my main attraction to any console is, does it have more than a few worthwhile adventure/storyline games (like Zelda) that will keep transport me somewhere?

    Those of you who have the Wii or are updated on the gaming world (I transferred to computer games after N64, then life took over and fell out of touch), do you know if Wii is worth buying? Does it have enough adventure/storyline games to satisfy about £100/$150 worth of console? Is the Wii good?
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    I hate the Wii. Sure, some games are alright, but hands down the Xbox is my new favorite system. The games aren't that expensive if you go to someplace like EB and purchase used ones. The Wii just did not wow me, and now the only thing I use it for is to stream Netflix.
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      If you're going to to buy a console that other people can enjoy, like sports and dance games, XBOX with Kinect is by far the best console for that, but if your main purpose is RPGs and adventure titles, Playstation is probably good, but I would still have to say XBOX is hands-down still better than Wii in that area. There's Grand Theft Auto, which I haven't played but it's pretty fun, I heard, and Red Dead Redemption, which is much like GTA (same company - some people call it Grand Theft Horse :D) , is a fun adventure RPG with beautiful graphics that takes more than 20 hours to finish (still playing it, so I don't know the total yet :D). Fable III is going to be an XBOX Kinect game as well. Only problem with XBOX is if you like Japanese games, there's not many Japanese RPG titles for XBOX that I know of. There's not a big market for it here, apparently. I think the new Final Fantasy games were released for XBOX, but I'm not into FF, so I wouldn't know for sure. Anyway, all things considered, I would say the Wii is not worth it. If you're going to invest money in a system, buy an XBOX, and a Kinect if you can. Kinect kicks all sorts of butt and it's guaranteed to please everyone. XBOX graphics are pretty sweet, and there's nothing gimmicky or childish about it, even with Kinect games, unlike Wii, which strikes me as being more family-oriented in a bad way, besides having terrible graphics.

      I'm an XBOX fangirl so I might be a bit biased though :D


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        I enjoy the Wii and we have a few storyline games for it such as Zelda and RE. The Wii will connect to any wi-fi signal right out of the box. We get free wi-fi with our apartment so I can play online for absolutely nothing and we also got netflix for the Wii which is much cheaper than cable or getting it for the other systems (since I'd need additional software/hardware to connect the other systems). Also the Wii lets you purchase (online) games from just about all of the old platforms (sonic, mario, donkey kong, street fighter, Zelda, final fantasy) and the most expensive one I saw was $10 for a game I'd have to pay $70 for online or at the local store because it's a collector's game.

        My advice is rent or borrow the systems you're interested in, that's the best way to determine which system is the best for you.
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          Reasons to buy a Wii: good for new gamers
          good for kids

          Reasons not to: Poor motion system
          few games worth playing

          IMO the will was developed to cash in on unexperianced gamers and leaves nothing for it's hardcore gamers. For me, someone who enjoys gaming greatly, the wii is nothing but a huge headache. Get a 360 Arcade if you want cheap but good. The wii will only give you a head ache and much heart ache...
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            Thank you everyone, I might take on the 'borrow/rent' idea - I know some people who have (collectively) all of those consoles so might just ask to borrow or check out their systems at theirs.


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              As others have stated- I'm not a fan of the Wii. I used to have a Wii, but got bored with the lack of game selection. Plus, it was hard to move around in my tiny apt. It's great if you have kids, or friends over, btu anymore- Xbox has the Kinect system, which is just as good. It's like two consoles for the price of one. I don't see Xbox games as being really expensive. I buy a lot of mine used, and they only run me $20, if that. So I would personally recommend Xbox over Wii. Wii is a nice novelty, but it doesn't have lasting presence for me.

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                the wii is perfect for me, but i'm not much of a gamer. i like cutesy games like MySims, and karaoke games like the Disney Sing It games. I use it for netflix more than playing games. If you're gaming interests exceed those of a pre-teen girl, Wii might not be the system for you.


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                  I have every game console. The Wii collects dust. I bought it for Wifeypoo, but she doesn't even use it anymore since I got the Kinect for my 360. If it's going to be your only console and you have a high-def TV, I would recommend the PS3 because of the BluRay drive. The PS3 also has wi-fi and blue tooth built in and Play Station Network is free. I play my 360 more than all of my other consoles combined. When people ask me why the XBox is so expensive (it's really not), I say because it's worth it.
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                    If you are going to get a Nintendo just wait a year for the Wii U and you can still play Wii games on it plus have access to whatever they release for the new console.
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                      I have a Wii and love it. Although most of what I have is Virtual Console games. I'll agree with the argument that Xbox and PS3 probably have better games and all, but that is a matter of opinion. Anything I do want there is avalable on PC such as Fallout or Oblivion. So they may be better systems but its a matter of where your interests are.