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  • Let's talk RPG & get a game started

    I ALWAYS thought the cleric/priest/monk got the bad deal. How about you?

    I've got plenty of ideas for a pagan-ish role playing game. I'm not much for rules any more (can't afford them!). I've got an extreme distillation of 2nd ed. AD&D that is play tested. But unscripted text based if fine with me. I'd rather role play then read from my character sheets and the rules. I'm up for fantasy, alternate earth, even science fiction.

    How about a religious order trying to establish themselves in a new city?
    How about becoming involuntary "guests" in a despotic citadel -- not only different races, but cultures and religions?
    How about traveling the Silk Road toward China and discovering how the rest of the world lives?
    How about the newly frocked sent out to perform some impossible task? (what was it that we did to deserve this again?)
    How about a science fiction world that makes Wonderland seem logical? (chaos is not always evil, you know)
    How about your ideas?

    Or something else entirely? Manga can be fun if it's not rigid and overtly fannish. Or a good murder mystery with gifted characters (wait! someone get me some salt to purify this letter opener!). Vampires and all that are overdone, but maybe Otherkin or something similar. I've got a science fiction world that has a newly discovered weird astral parasite -- now everyone knows why those species are so violent, those void blasted things feed on pain!

    A big issue might be balance or some other pagan concept.

    In the mean time, I have a little elevator text game, if anyone's interested. You get one "tool" (lighter, etc.) and one "magic" (call an insect, etc.). Your character is a norm with no unusual skills (over-cafinated delivery girl, executive with indigestion, etc.). But they have one "quirk" (fear of the dark, etc.) that needs to be played during the game. Objective? Get out. When? Real soon now.
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