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Why does the television get such a bad rap.

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    i bought a huge 55" tv when i bought my house in october. it's been on ... not much. i'm not sure why i even bothered. for me, tv gets a bad rap because it's just not appealing. never has been. it's boring. i have better and more important things i need to be doing with my time. like, when i was little, mommy would shove a book in my hand and turn the tv off. if it wasn't sesame street or mr rogers, i was out the door. i spent most of my childhood up trees reading books.
    ~ Mairwen


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      The news is nothing but propaganda.
      The prmming is made for people who socially learn through memes instead of any kind of discussion or dialectic.
      Even the educational programs are often wrong; often because they watered down not just for the layman but for the lowered bar of learning in our society.
      Must shows are cliche and/or completely predictable.
      in short, the idiotbox is called such because the programming our species actually uses it for is designed for stupid people.

      Sorry not sorry.

      You know what I watch?

      Recorded lectures
      khan Academy
      Audiobooks with infographics

      Sure i like entertain ment as well, but i can get that from my brothers Netflix though rarely is there anything on there I want to watch.
      Netflix and Youtube.

      I don't have cable, satelite, digital or analog over the air television... there's no television here.
      I dont watch any kind of news or and you know what? i'm much better for it.
      Because I can see the big difference it makes between people who watch vs those who dont watch it,
      and while I'm confident in my mental fortitude to watch trash and not be corrupted.... why waste my time?

      People ask me how I know so much. I use my time to learn, that's why.
      Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
      (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition


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        i don't even put it on for any of that. it just ends up as background noise, and i'm sound-sensitive and require all the quiet i can get. i thank the gods i bought a house in a quiet neighborhood.
        ~ Mairwen


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          I like TV. In Star Trek Discovery, those guys get thrown into a maelstrom of intergalactic conflict about as soon as they leave earth.