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    Originally posted by rnaroundsue82 View Post
    Not to be rude, but I just returned from Iraq, and first, it is only against UCMJ to have sex while deployed if you are married (obviously). Second, contraceptives are PLENTIFUL (smaller FOB's being the exception). All Hospital pharmacies carry Birth Control Pills (if not they can be acquired from the mail order pharmacy), as should many Aide Stations. Also most hospital pharmacies carry Plan B, or can get it if need be. Third, even many of the smaller PX's carry condem's. I WOULD STRONGLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM SENDING CONDEMS IN THE MAIL DUE TO THEM BREAKING DOWN DUE TO THE HEAT ALONG WITH PLAN B. Along with PX's Condems are available through the normal supply chains (as a Preventive Medicine NCO I had to order them). Also to be honesty, the majority of the females that came through for pregnancy got pregnant on leave, and were not happy about it. As for your reference to rape... I can thankfully say that in my 9 months working at a hospital in Baghdad, we had not one rape case come through. Do they happen, of course, but just like in the states, the perpetrators are not likely to use condoms and pregnancies many times follow.
    Like I said Im not trying to be rude, but just want to make sure, that people have some more facts. I must also say that it upset me that you would refer to your fellow Soldiers as sluts and horndogs. We are not only Soldiers at all times, but we are humans that have natural needs.
    While the information that you gave for Iraq is probably accurate, it does not mean that it also applies to Afghanistan. In fact, I can say that it does not apply to soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. For the duration of that deployment, sexual relations of any sort can have you not only charged but sent home. This stands whether you are married, unmarried or deployed overseas with your spouse. Sex is a no no.

    Just because you didn't have any rape cases come through your hospital, doesn't mean they didn't happen. Rape is one of the most under reported crimes. The stats that I have seen indicate that roughly 60% of all rapes go unreported. I'm not saying that it's a rampant problem and that every female soldier should walk around with her sidearm at the ready... but to say that it didn't happen just because you personally didn't have to deal with it is naive.

    I didn't get from her post that she was referring to ALL of her fellow soldiers as horndogs or sluts. I believe she said...

    "But if that's not the case and your box reaches a horndog or a sl**, someone unlucky enough to walk through a dark spot between the tents, or just a pair of human beings with mutual needs and desires"

    You can't tell me in all truthfullness that during your time in Iraq, you never ran across one horndog or a single slut that was deployed with you. You'll also notice that if you read a little further down that she also covers normal people with humans needs.

    If you are an honourable will make you a better soldier. The fact that you are a soldier does not automatically make you an honourable person.
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      RaeCori pretty much covered everything I was going to say. Rnaroundsue82 did make a point that I had not considered though:

      This is a valid point, and one I am not sure how to work around. Logically, I think it's safe to say that if these items were ordered online and addressed to the soldier they would not suffer damage during shipment. How else do the products make it from the factories to their global destinations? It does bring up a matter of subject sensitivity though: a box full of contraceptives personally addressed to someone could just as easily offend as be welcomed. This is not an issue that at this moment in time I have any concrete ideas towards addressing. If anyone else has better information, please do share it.

      Thank you, Rnaroundsue82, for pointing this out. Faulty contraceptives aren't much better than none.
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