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Sir Francis Drakes Drum in WWI

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  • Sir Francis Drakes Drum in WWI

    Sir Francis Drake, famous explorer, and pirate, travelled the world with a drum. It is now said, that during times when Britain is in grave danger, Sir Francis Drake's Ghost, warns britain with a steady beating of a drum. Read on to learn of the role Drakes Drum played in the first world war.
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    great story! i have never heard of this before.
    it's too bad that the drum didn't beat twenty years later, for the Royal Oak was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat while in Scapa Flow harbor in 1939.

    when i was in high school in Northern California we used to cut class and drive out to Drake's Beach on the coast of Marin County. this was about the time that 'Drake's Plaque' was found there, 'proving' that Drake had indeed landed on the coast of Northern California! 'proving', that is, until the plaque itself was proven to be an ingeneous fake a few years later.
    oh well, that doesn't neccessarily prove that he wasn't there. i'll have to listen for the drum the next time i'm there!
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