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The Battle of Falkirk (1298)

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  • The Battle of Falkirk (1298)

    'Braveheart' was a great movie, even if not terribly accurate.
    but for an historical account of Wallace's last battle (which occured on this day in 1298) and his capture, try this...
    (note that this article is in three parts)
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    Great link.....a very readable history. Thanks!


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      History Channell..or A & E, I forget, had a comparison between Braveheart the movie, and the real story. It was very well done. Yes, the movie had alot of innaccuracies, but on the other hand, it really gave people of Scots descent a new birth of Ancestral, and for those IN Scotland, National pride. And for those people, like me, who have some Scottish Descent, I think it made alot of us more curious about our ancestry. So all in all, I'd say the movie served some wonderful purposes.
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