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    I'll have to defer to my grandfather's judgment and say the M-1 Garand.

    He said it was the finest weapon ever made. It would (quote) "drop any German you want at 600 yards guaranteed".
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      The P-38 lightning.

      As far as actual hardware. Hmmm having fired everything from a M-16 through and 8 inch cannon I would go with the 155mm cannon. Reach out and touch someone...from 15 miles away!!
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        OHH YESss . . .

        Only a matter of time now . . . sensing 01 arizing . . . to become cyborg . . . indeed
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          Originally posted by PhoenixRevival View Post
          Melee, Katana as it was made in the old days... a greater weapon for close combat melee was never made.
          Pfft. Oh, god, no. Katana and other Japanese samurai swords were terrible swords, only really useful against unarmoured and lightly armoured opponents; hell, they were fully expected to break in the middle of a fight, hence why soldiers and samurai alike carried two into battle. They're also pretty damn awful for fencing and swordfighting, due to the brittleness of the edge; that same brittleness, however, is a result of the processes that made them incredibly sharp against light armour, cloth, and flesh.

          A much better, all-around useful sword would be the basket-hilted broadsword. Jack of all trades, and a master of cutting someone's guts out. Its shape allowed it to puncture plate armour (though not without difficulty) as well as cut into lighter armours and flesh with ease. An excellent weapon.


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            I've seen a few assault rifles mentioned, but as far "favourite", no one likes humping the M249 SAW or 203, which is why all the boots usually carry it. :hahughhat's why we preferred the M16....AK's are reliable as well as I saw mentioned, but doesn't have as effective of a range as an M16, which with a scope, we were able to hit area targets almost as points. Our old PLT SGT picked one up and used it to clear rooms(a time where you don't want stoppage), but had to give it up before we came back home.

            My answer would be, boots(actual ones, not newbies) and camelbacks You gota take care of your feet, other than that, "One mind, any weapon."
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              weapon wise

              one of my favorite weapons is the mk-19 automatice grenade launcher. it is very useful in applications where you can indiscriminately destroy personnell and equpiment. The M-2 .50 cal machinegun is an old but very reliable weapon, and the worst piece of weaponry currently being used by the millitary is the M-16 series service rifles, and AK-47 has less accuracy and less range and I would take one of them over an m-16 anyday


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                first and foremost, M777 155mm can't deny the "King of Battle".

                now the rest :

                AC130 Spectre, A-10 Warthog, M14 rifle
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                  Well, I am a little biased but I would have to say M21 sniper system, M203 grenade Launcher and the M47 Dragon. OK so this Ranger just dated himself.....


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                    Personally I like the uniforms of the world war 2 era... but when it comes to weapons, I think it would be the tank, or the P90 Semi-automatic Rifle... than again I like assault rifles as well... The desert eagle is a good handgun... -is trailing off-

                    although with equipment it's definitely gotta be the uniforms that I love the most. It's cool to see the variety from different countries and eras
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                      Originally posted by Philosophia View Post
                      I don't know a lot about military equipment so I was wondering...

                      What is your favorite piece of military equipment? Why?
                      the SR-71 blackbird, F-117 nighthawk, and a-10 wart hog. i love them all for different reasons. The blackbird is just good looking & fast high flyer, the night hawk unmistakable in looks, a breakthrough in stealth technology, and the hog, so ugly it's hot, and how can you not love a plane built around a gatling gun?

                      and since some have mentioned uniforms, well hands down that would be USMC Dress Blues then again, i am pretty biased in that matter ^^
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                        My husband is. HOOAH! :weirdsmil


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                          Originally posted by herbal_legends View Post
                          My husband is. HOOAH! :weirdsmil
                          LMFAO!! I was thinking the same thing!!
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