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US Army to field new rifle soon

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  • US Army to field new rifle soon

    FORT BELVOIR, Va. - A Soldier successfully shoulder-fired a "smart" High Explosive Airburst, or HEAB round for the first time Aug. 11 from the XM-25 weapon system at Aberdeen Test Center, Md.

    The Army plans on purchasing more than 12,500 XM-25 systems starting in 2012, which will be enough to put one in each Infantry squad and Special Forces team, according to officials at Program Executive Office-Soldier.
    At first glance, the XM-25 looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. It features an array of sights, sensors and lasers housed in a Target Acquisition Fire Control unit on top, an oversized magazine behind the trigger mechanism, and a short, ominous barrel wrapped by a recoil dampening sleeve.

    Unlike a Hollywood prop, however, this weapon is very real and designed to accurately deliver an explosive round that neutralizes targets at distances of up to 700 meters - well past the range of the rifles and carbines that most Soldiers carry today.

    "What makes this weapon system truly revolutionary is the ability to target the enemy, pass on this information to the sensors and microchips of its 25mm HEAB round, and have that round detonate over the target," explained Maj. Shawn Murray, a Soldier Weapons assistant product manager in PEO Soldier, the organization responsible for developing the XM-25.
    They have been devoloping this for a very long time, glad to see it's finally going to be fielded after so long. Originally it was the OICW which was scrapped mainly because it was to heavy.

    What makes it so unique is that it has explosive rounds that can be set off at a certian distance. There's a range finder that uses a laser to calculate the distance between you and an object and you can program the explosive round to go off at a certian distance. From calculating the distance between you and an object, say for example a wall, you can determine an estimated distance between you and another person. So if someone is hiding behind an object you can shoot just past that object and the round will explode at the distance you determine (the bullet can calculate how many times its spun to determine how far its gone) so it will hit the target behind the object. You could also set it to explode in the object so it will cause damage to them and the cover they are using. I think this will bring a huge advantage to the battlefield.
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    Hope this ones better then the SCAR with that peice of shit they handed out ammo that was green-tipped so it could go through steel... but when it hit the enemy it went straigh through him like a surgical knife and unless it hit the spine or the heart neither of you would know if you hit your target.

    when i hit a bastard I expect him to stay down. The old M16's did a very good job of that. If they made a version in the M-series that had less parts and was easier to clean ( perferably with a rod-shaft casing ejection system like the AK ) we would'nt need a new rifle for a hundred years.

    besides that thing looks heavy as shit, and has all those delicate fancy electronics.
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      I hope it's better than the British armies hideous AR80, apart from a long history of falling to bits which is reputed to be remedied, you cannot shoot this thing left handed.
      Now, after all the effort to teach us to shoot left handed during my days as a Rifleman in the Royal Green Jackets, because in an urban environment every second street corner requires you can, I ask myself....why was it ever adopted?
      Because it was the only British design available?

      Here is the trusty musket we gave up for the poxy thing!
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        I wouldn't mind if they brought the HK-416 into the fold. Has a much improved rod system over the AR80, has only a few more parts than an M-4, is MUCH less likely to malfunction, doesn't get any blowback into the interior of the weapon and it is the same size (essentially) as an M-4 and even looks like one. Won't require training and getting used to a whole new weapon system because it's essentially the same (from a shooting standpoint) as the M-4. We'll just need to learn how to maintain it....which will be easier BTW because it will need LESS maintenance.

        The XM-25 is something I look forward to....I just hope they managed to "Army proof" the electonics. I've seen way too many things malfunctions due to electronics which weren't properly hardened.
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          I want!
          It make things go BOOM!
          :boing:Bouncey, Bouncey, Bouncey......

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            Yeah it would be okay for urban combat and okay for something with a little more accuracy than the M203 but tis still seems like a little bit like a waste resources. What realy needs to be done is development of a new assaut rifle since the M-16 requires more maintenance and the thing has been around for at least 30 years. We need something more modern with less maintenance to keep our edge.
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              Originally posted by PepperMintFairy View Post

              I want!
              It make things go BOOM!

              See that's all I've been thinking too.


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                i see they are going back to the 7.62 as a long range suppression weapon as the...5.56 can't hack it past 600-700 the taliban are sitting out at 800 yds and peppering our guys with....yeah you got it 7.62!!!.......
                i loved my SLR.........if you had some good magazines the damn thing just kept going