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    Basically it means just speaking to your deities as Mary and Jesus, etc. I've been trying to find some more information but alas the 'net, when you search for Catholic Christian Pagan Wicca comes up with pages and pages of Christian sites bashing Pagans and Pagan sites bashing Christians. I'm sure someone will have some links and I'm still looking. Personally I'm both surprised and disgusted by the latter - it was my understanding that Pagans were openminded and accepting of others, at the same time they asked the same from those of other religions. My interpretation of course, but I'm really just disappointed in how many Pagans will say "no you can't believe in Jesus/Mary/Yahweh etc. and be Pagan!"
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      I think the best book I could ever have read was by Dr Joseph Campbell it was titled, the power of myth... It showed an overview of the different religions of the world and how they are alike...yet how they differ...

      the one thing That I disagree with is when someone imposes thier beilfs on another, and there are some religions that do that...even though there are laws in the usa protecting my rights to believe as my heart feels... there are just some people that I dont discuss spiritual things with because they are very set in thier ways and I know that they would not respect my beliefs...
      intollerance is alive and well in the 21st century

      for anyone to say that if you belive in christ you are not pagan, first of all NO ONE has the authority or the right to tell anyone they are or not anything...and no one has the right to use scare tactics (IE, you are going to burn in hell if you dont get saved) to try and convert anyone, (sadly this happens)

      In a perfect world, everyone is free to believe as they choose,
      and let us not forget, this crap that is going on overseas is rooted in a religious dispute...
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        No I see what you are saying because I'm just starting to realize the same thing, I used to sometimes get downright nasty and rude with some christians just because they were and badmouth them too, it was pounded in my head time and time again thats its not the faith its the people, and lately it has finally started to hit home. I have known a lot of good christians who will help you because to them they are doing the work of there God. Sometimes I'll admit I get just like they do, and rant and rave and bash them. I still have many disagreements on what they do, but I've been getting over it lately in the last few months. I'll never step on that particular path again, since I'm happy with my faith. But I should try to understand a little bit more I think.
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          Does it really matter if Yeshua existed? I honestly believe that it is a moot point. Even as an Ideogram of the ideal man, many would still aspire to and place faith in the Christ Jesus. My only gripe with the religion is the claim on the monopolization of truth. 'I am the way the truth and the life' and other exclusivity clauses dappled throughout the work. Truth exists for whomever seeks to claim it. Moreso than this I am concerned by the basic method by which Christianity gains new members. Convince someone they should feel shame, then tell them if they wish to be rid of their self imposed shame they need but to convert and they can live happily ever after. But I would say this only now, for who am I to presume I will think the same tomorrow.

          Now as an institution the Church is quite enjoyable to watch. Now when I speak of the church I generally mean Catholisism, because they are by far the oldest sect still dominant to this day, but in most of my comments about the church the statements are still applicable to the modern sects. Apply where applicable. The proverb 'If you do not like it, wait a millenia and it will change' applies dramatically to the church. The church is facing a complication of temporality. No longer are the same leaders at her helm, she is no longer the bastion of society either. When the church ceased to be the be all and end all of western society, something changed. This self inflicted wound has forever changed the world. The church provided the framework for the rebuilding of society. The recurrence of society caused a massive upswing in population. Which ultimately lead to its own decline. It is easy to convince everyone in a small group of something, but the more people the greater the likelyhood of dissent.

          For all intents and purposes the church has served my cause well for centuries. Its lack of self control and internal hipocracy has made it one of the prime forces of social upheaval in the past millenium. It pulled humanity out of the 'dark' ages, it gave us the crusades, the burnings, its divisive nature even afflicted itself causing the rising of Protestantism. They fight disorder with the sword and thusly as in a dusty room with a broom, only succeed in filling the air with it. The church is an institution that forever change humanity, in both good ways and bad, but as the Romans they are finding their own decline. But I would say this only now, for who am I to presume I will think the same tomorrow.
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