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Mother Nature is Kicking Some Tail!!!!

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    Akashic Brother, I agree with much of what you said in your post but not all. Appologies for taking the following a bit out of context;-
    Billion dollar corperations continue to pollute our air instead of appying safer, cleaner, and more expensive filtration systems. I say we are ALL responsible for this, and no-one is innocent.
    I agree with the first part. Billion dollar corparations have a lot to answer for, but unfortunately they are not the ones who are mainly suffering from all the recent 'natural disasters'.
    And there are completely innocent people who are suffering. For example in one village alone in the area that was affected by last weekends Earthquake, 700 children were killed. You can't get more innocent than that!

    Actually I don't think earthquakes have much to do with Gia's response to humanity's selfishness. Unstable weather patterns on the other hand certainly are. I still won't be able to take any cheer in what is going on untill the huge corporations begin to suffer and the poorest of the poor are left alone to rebuild their lives.
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      Originally posted by Astara Seague
      I said go Mother nature! I do not like people being hurt or killed either but a cleansing is in order!
      You worded it so well, I agree! It's not nice or pretty but its necessary.

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        I don't believe nature has a concept of revenge, the earthquake in Southern Asian and also the Tsunami was caused by the earth's tectonic plates which we can do nothing about and are not human influenced, whereas the increasingly violent hurricane's and typhoon's we are experiencing are caused by increased global warming on our part, if we continue to pollute our atmosphere with carbo emissions with utter disregard for the consequences then we will be in big trouble in the not too distant future, nature won't be in trouble, but human life will.


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          We all tend to take the fragility of Earth for granted. It has stood the test of time, but we have made changes. Earth being a living entity hurts and feels pain. Ah well as I also said in my first posting here, it is also a way of recalling spirits. Hand in hand, the Powers seem to know what They are doing I would surmise.



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            I am DEFINATLY on mother natures side. I support her 100%. She is doing what she needs to do.
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              I'm just glad that nature is one thing that man can not control.


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                Originally posted by Gypsy flower
                all that has happened or will happen has been fortold, I guess all we can do is sit back and watch the show

                Im on Mother Natures side as well ...I hope she remembers that
                I think the 2005 planetary allingnment had something to dom with it....
                the planets were in a wierd configuration... not exactly in a straight line...
                astrologers as well as prophets both seem to agree on a few points there...

                They can argue about Global warming till they are blue in the face but what happened in lower asia was not the result of global warming.... those were giant tectonic plates in the earth's crust that shifted..... the whole timeing of it all, with the fires in the west, and all the flooding in Europe over the summer, and the huricaines... I do think The Gods be at work there....

                and now we are approaching snow season!! colorado got 20 inches this week and wyoming got over a foot last week, Im expecting we will see a few Noreasters here on the mid atlantic coast.... not the baby ones like last year either...
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                  Originally posted by Penthesilea
                  It is my personal religious belief that we are entering a time of great change and part of that change is violent weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, floods, etc.) and increased seismic activity (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis) and I have no desire to get into an acrimonious debate about it. I will do what I can for those affected by disaster and pray for healing for both the planet and the living things on it.

                  I will deffinately agree with you about the change going on....
                  most of the world's most powerfull militarys are laying down thier arms in some places and joining in the spirit of humanitarianism....

                  In asia, China, India, Great Brittan, as well as Pakistan are working side by side to help dig out.... nations that just only a month or so ago were on the brink of a major battle...

                  Higher forces are deffinately at work in my belief,
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                    Oh, I am the bad one.

                    On one level, it makes me so sad that others suffer and die.

                    On another level, let's face it, I really don't know those people and they are so far removed that they really don't impact me where my spirit lives. A part of me just doesn't care. If major portions of the human population just poof off the planet, it will leave more for me and mine and we will have a better chance of survival.

                    I think we are over due for a major population crash. It just happens every so often and then the survivors adjust.

                    If Mother is alive and we make Her itch, I guess we should expect Her to scratch.
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                    Sometimes I think "right-to-lifers" only value life if it agrees with them. A fetus can't talk, therefore... it can't offend you with its belief system or looks. It can't tell you it will never go to your church, believe in your god, or exist in your socio-economic class.

                    A potential child is adorable until it actually exists. Then it's just another object of your scorn. Another despicable product of a broken home, unwed mother, or family that's so large it can't take care of itself.

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                      I'm really surprised at the turn out of this poll. Thanks everyone! I value everyone's opinion as their own, and it was so nice to see soooo many different opinions. Ya'll rock!
                      One of the things that was nice to see is that there were quite a few people that feel overpopulation is way out of control. I strongly believe this as well, and that was one of the points I was hoping to see. Again, thanks everyone!

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                        i think that its her way of telling us to get our asses in gear about protecting our environment
                        my mood today is
                        come to the dark side, we have cookies
                        Jesus saves.....the rest take full damage

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                        Or the last thing I see
                        You are
                        Never coming home
                        Never coming home


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                          I really don't know if she is cleansing, or if this is more of the same and we have ability now to know about everything that happens in the world within seconds. I saw an interesing show a few years back on Discovery about the population bottleneck theory. The theory says that every now and then there are too many people in the world and something comes along to wipe us all out, i.e. the Black Plague. I don't know if this is true but it always kind of stuck with me. I do know that it gives people like my Dad more ammo for his Tim Lahaye-ish type theories though.
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                            I'd like to say I am all for Mother Nature. Even here, in south Mississippi, seeing all the people trying to put their lives back together, it's sad, but the storm itself was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I communed with the fury of the storm, running around in all but the worst of it (about an hour). When you've been picked up by MOM and slammed against a tree, you know EXACTLY who's in control. Mother Nature ROCKS!!!

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                              It's easy to say "Go Mother Nature" when it's not your family, property and way of life being utterly destroyed.

                              Earthquakes and tsunamis have always been happening on this planet. I think it's hubris to think that we're so important that it must be our fault.


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                                Revenge? Why no not at all. Its business as usual. The lawn sprinklers go off as per the usual routine. The leave blowers send all the dead leaves and trash off to be recycled. The landscaping continues to add variety to the garden. The reseeding and renovation of the less attractive parts of the garden go on as planned. The local animal life moves to where they need to be to continue unbothered by mother's changing garden. Only those odd weeds "the naked apes" don't seem to like the constant changes and insist on growing where ever they please in defiance of Mother's wishes. All is peacefull in the garden. All goes as planned by Mother all those bilions of years ago when she first created the garden and stocked it well with so many things of wonder. Don't be the odd weed in Mother's garden. Be a part of the garden and be the beautiful creation she made you to be.