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    Do you believe Mother nature/Gaia is a sentinent being or just a planet. I believe she is sentinent and has her own feelings, thoughts, etc but they'd be completly different to ours. Also what do you think would happen to her when the Sun dies out, do you think Mother Earth would survive in a spiritual form or when the planet goes, would she be gone.
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    I believe She is one of the many Creator deities.
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      How could she not be? She has feelings, She has life. I don't know how to really articulate this.

      We all come from the Goddess and to her we will return.
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        I think the earth/Gaia is semi-sentient at the very least but experiences time and feelings differently than we do. Like Star Belfire wrote, this is something difficult to articulate.
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          Sentient, though possibly not in any way that we can understand because we are still of this human species and have a long way to go, evolutionarily speaking. What will happen to the planet when it dies? It'll be reborn like everything else. If the planet has learned what it is supposed to learn this lifetime, it'll be reborn in a more complex form. If not, it'll do all this crap again.
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            A different level of conciousness perhaps?


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              Sentient, but with a different sort of consciousness than humans have. Like, it is obvious that hawks "think" in some way, and have awareness, but it is hawk awareness. And even chemicals "know" somehow, on some level to react with other chemicals. So there are other types of knowing besides the chatty one that takes place in my head 24/7. Sometimes I get a glimpse of it myself, I experience awareness, however briefly of a different kind of knowing that takes place inside me.

              I think there is some level/type of consciousness that all things have in common that allows them to interact. Like some common language...

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                I just consider her like gaia or mother earth.


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                  I truly believe that Mother Nature is a life force of sorts. She has her moments, as all of us do, though her moods are shown by the weather... in my opinion. If we could all treat her as a Mother, I think things would start looking more up than down. She definitely deserves the respect of a Mother!

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                    Since the the sun is too small to go "super nova" it will expand as it uses the last of its core hydrogen. The outer layers of gas will swallow some inner planets and probably Earth. Even if the earth survives this stage, it will not have enough heat afterwards to sustain life and the Earth mother will fade away into the night...

                    But this won't happen for another 4 to 5 billion years so in the eyes of a human, that is almost immortal.

                    Long story short, she's a sentient being.
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                      I never know how to reply to this. If Mother Nature exists, she isn't one of my gods. I believe that the divine is in everything and therefore the earth is divine. Is the earth is a god(dess)? If so, beyond my ken.


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                        I believe nature to be but a symptom of life. Life is in anything with energy (at least). But not every living being is sentient.

                        If we view Gaia as the Earth Mother, a creator goddess commonly expressed as our own planet, we have no choice but to assume she's sentient. It isn't possible to be a creator without having some sense. It isn't possible to be a goddess without having more influence than the beings around you. To gain more influence on a lasting basis, one needs to be a sentient, living being.
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                          I view the Earth not as a sentient being, but as being created by the Divine and having (like with all of Creation) Divine energies in a form that is purer to what they were when everything was created than the Divine energies that lie in sentient beings like us. I think sentience causes the ability to manipulate and change the Divine energies, though with something as big as the Earth I also feel that when something sentient isn't messing with the energies that they will revert back to their natural state (that energy state they were in when Creation occured).
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                            I view her as a sentient being, but feel that it's not possible for humans to fully grasp and understand the nature of her thought processes.