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How do you define or put god (supreme being) into praxis?

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  • How do you define or put god (supreme being) into praxis?

    How do you define what you might call God?
    For me god is that transcendental quality of self. The ability to observe oneself observing, that existential quality of man. Mans fire, fire and the image of "god" from my tribal background being the images I use.

    God then, the highest state of being is that of the highest forms of Samadhi. Samadhi is a form of meditation, the end goal being the dissolution of subject and object. That is, the removal of distinction between the observer and observed. One is omnipresent and omnipotent within that experience.

    The reverse is also true. The division of the divine into the subject and object creates phenomena, whereby the self can be seen, observed and explored. There becoming a distinction between the observer and the observed. The result of this manifestation is the formation of space-time by necessity of measure and dynamic.

    At the directions of a given space-time there stand, as defined by the center, the fringes of the observers observation, alchemical forces of path-working which in relation to central point conjure the emergent path, and who decide what is and is not manifest.

    This view then is of pantheistic providence, in single or multi. It accounts for immanent divinity as well as the transcendental via identity formation and samadhi. It also reveres the "spaces" inbetween, liminal agency and the essence of paradox and paradigm.

    It is an existential model which bridges psychological and spiritual models.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition