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    There is no "true" meditation. There are only different ways to do it. First you will want to know why you are desiring meditation. I used meditation as a tool to gain insight into the mechanics of my mind, and to manage pain during an illness. Today I have no need for it because I am awake in the moment.

    Meditation is a tool, and not an absolute. The idea that you have to sit a certain way, or that your body has to be ramrod straight only indicates that the source of this method is focused on the body. I can meditate standing on one foot with a roman candle up my ass (though I haven't tried this actual method). It is not about your body, it is about your mind.

    This is why so many meditations involve focusing on something - a candle, a point on the wall, your breath. You are giving the chatterbox something to pinpoint on, rather than letting it babble on and on. Whatever your focus is, your mind will tell you all about it, or if bored, it will tell you everything about everything it has in its data bases.

    If you have too much trouble meditating, then leave it alone and try something else. The idea is entering into silence, and focusing on as much of a singularity as you can. The heights of meditation are numerous. Some trip way out there. Some trip way in here. Attachment to any effect of meditating defeats its purpose.

    Think about what it feels like to zone out. That is very close to a great meditation session. Emptiness. Void. Nothing. The discipline is meant to train the mind to not require tittilation and distraction, and the effects are what you might imagine...calmness, a desire for unplugging from background noise, and being more present (which creates a different life).

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    I am confused! Who has ever said meditation was anything more than a tool?