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    Granted, we can disconnect it, we can shut it down. So what about the time it's on-line? What about now?
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      Right now I'm affixing labels to a set of documents for work, occasionally glancing up at the screen. Hardly a spiritual connection.
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        I'm watching Buffy now.

        Okay. I've read that ghosts, entities, spirits, or whatever you wish to call them do certainly haunt furniture, jewelry, and objects other than buildings and locations. Many people say that the objects we wear and use retain some of our essence. I suppose if you spend many hours using your computer-tool you could conceivably haunt it.

        The idea that you could haunt cyberspace is a stretch, but not inconceivable. I think, and am not sure, it was Einstein who said "God is electricity." Umm ... brain hurts now.

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        justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power
        - would be justified insilencing mankind." -- John Stuart Mill

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          Yep, that's the idea.

          If a soul exists, I assume it's made from electricity. I also assume it can exist apart from a physical body (as do many) and that makes any other electrical structure, like the internet, a suitable host.
          Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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            Hi, I think a general understanding is being formed here. Energy is the constant, in what ever form it exist's the enviroment around it tries to offer stability.
            When it is required to change state, again the enviroment dictates certain laws must be put in place to maintain a balance, if the balance is offset, life will endevour to put thing's back in order.

            Cyber space exhist's and is as real as this existance, the question is can it sustain a living entity, something that can communicate on a concious level?