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Fending off Jehovah's Witnesses

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    Originally posted by Seren Mara
    I can't see door-to-door being a particularly effective method.
    Thank goodness they are not calling on the phone!
    Now that would really chap my cheeks!

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      That enters the realm of telemarketing... not something I'm a big fan of either.


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        I don't remember having to worry about JW growing up in NY, or living in NC (we lived out in the boonies in NC - I was more worried about getting snake-bit lol) but up here in Illinois.... oy! The local Kingdom Hall is across the road from my boss's farm/office. And they're a busy lot - though they've learned to stay away from both the office and our house. Dalmations and hounds don't really care for trespassers. (even though they're not the scariest dogs I've ever known LOL) They do have deep loud barks, which seems to keep JWs away.
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          We had this problem, until my sister befriended the son of the local 'head' of the Kingdom hall. (I don't know what they're called, but it's obvious that he's an important part of their group) His name was Marco, and everyone used to call him 'Hova. He actually thought it was hillarious. He came to my house on his birthday, and my mom had baked him a cake with happy Birthday Marco on it, and my sister's other friend scraped off the 'Happy Birthday' on it so he wouldn't get offended.


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            I haven't had too many ecounters, but they try to bribe me by leaving candy with the pamphlets on my doorstep!

            I do have problems with members of my old church, that sporadically drop by to try and take me to the youth bible study. It's like they completely ignored them when I told them I wasn't attending anymore. I usually hide in the basement and let someone else open the door.


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              A couple of years ago, I threatened to feed them to my Rottweiller.....who is very big and tall and was standing at the door right beside me. It worked....... I forgot to tell them he likes to dress up, and is a complete wuss.............

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                Originally posted by Old Witch
                A couple of years ago, I threatened to feed them to my Rottweiller.....who is very big and tall and was standing at the door right beside me. It worked....... I forgot to tell them he likes to dress up, and is a complete wuss.............

                Last time JW's came to my door....I told them I was Pagan and they never came back.
                I also (since then) have put up a very pretty pentagram sign on my door, but not because of was because I like it! It's sort of like a "Enter in Peace/Harm none" sign.


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                  Michael Jackson is a Jehovah's Witness.


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                    Saw this definition of fundamentalism recently, and thought I'd share it (not that I'm saying that JW's are necessarily fundamentalists, ok?) :

                    Fund = money
                    a = not
                    mental = thinking
                    ism = suffix denoting involvement with the movement.

                    Thus, fundamentalism = "don't think, just send money."

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                      Well, most JW's aren't going to push it, a simple no thank you I'm not interested will suffice. But most of them also figure that private property is private property, and they don't want to go looking for trouble. My fiance' and his father got rid of them in a very interesting way, they were going to the Highlander Games when some knocked on their door, now they were both painted blue, and not wearing a lot, my fianc'e had an axe and his dad had a sword, from what he says they left really fast! LOL! By the way DarkSidhe, I like your advice, thats pretty good! I'll have to remember that

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