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OH...MY...GODDESS...What the @#[email protected]% do we know?

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  • OH...MY...GODDESS...What the @#[email protected]% do we know?

    This movie is AMAZING! If you are in any of these areas - GO SEE IT!

    If you aren't - contact a local indy theater and beg them to bring it to you!

    The Bagdad Theater and Pub in Portland OR has been showing it to packed audiences and keep extending it's run because it's so popular. The theater is also featured in the move (it was filmed locally).

    This whole concept of quantum physics is mind-bending...

    The film is a combination of documentary, story and animation - quite an eclectic mix! If a bunch of Portlanders want to see it together - let's do it! Definitely worth a chat post-movie.

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    I'm always intrigued by those types of things. Sounds very interesting.

    Real Magick is not merely an assortment of skills and techniques. It's more like an open-minded attitude, a blend of interest and dedication, which allows each honest mage to observe, to learn, to adapt, and to invent unique ways of changing identity and reality from within.
    ~Jan Fries