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Favorite Philosopher?

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  • 1.Friedrich Nietzsche
    2. Max Stirner
    3. John Gray
    4. Paul Sartre
    5. David Hume.
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    • My favorite philosopher would have to be Jesus. He preached a gospel of love and tolerance. Jesus was definitely a liberal too. He was definitely a liberal by the standards of his time and more than likely by the standards of our time as well although the fundies would definitely deny this. Contrary to popular fundie belief, he never preached against homosexuality or abortion or any of the other conservative hot button issues. So, Jesus is most definitely my favorite philosopher.


      • Cor! A thread about philosophers as if they were celebrities! Brilliant!

        My favourite would have to be the one that first made me really ‘think’, not just the mental process but the application of thought in pursuit of original ideas, and that was Baruch Spinoza. He introduced me to Pantheism and the application of logic and gave me my first epiphany. Today I can see the flaws in his work but I will always hold him in high esteem.

        Others that have also helped me make sense of the world would include Ludwig Wittgenstein for his very original thought, Rene Descartes, Plato and Kant for introducing me to the moral imperative.


        • 1. Aristotle
          2. Nietzsche
          3. Marcus Aurelius
          4. Confucius


          • Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Antonio Gramsci, Carl von Clausewitz, Thucydides, Hans Morgenthau, Slavoj Zizek, Michael Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Paul Virilio, Machiavelli and John Gray.
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            • Nietzsche... without a doubt.
              Of coarse, I do not always agree with him I am on the same page as him when it comes to some principal things.
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              • socrates
                lao tzu


                • Martin Heidegger


                  • Neitchze, and also Socrates for his contribution of the Socratic Method.
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                    • It's terrible that I don't know more of the classics.

                      As such, I will have to say Jung, et al.

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                      • Soren Kirkegaard
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                        • Gotta love Voltaire.
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                          "Remember your spirituality" - Ganesha to a friend in a dream, 2008


                          • Carl Jung, Leo Tolstoy, Buddha( Siddhartha Gautama), Jesus, Voltaire, Lao Zu, and many of the transcendentalist thinkers.

                            I am rather opposed to Nietzsche.
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