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Bret Michaels in critical condition

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    Originally posted by Agaliha View Post
    Given the location and seriousness of this type of bleed, I'm not surprised he has any of those issues. What is something to keep in mind is that many people with this type of bleed, have delayed death... I think I read like after a few months, more bleeding can occur. Though it is a good sign he survived the initial bleed.

    I'm not what I'd call a fan of his, but he does seem like a nice guy (from what I've seen on Celeb Apprentice) and I hope he recovers.
    From what they said they still haven't located or stopped the bleeding yet, but yes, delayed death is something to think about. One day at a time for him at this point I suppose.
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      I do hope he gets better soon.
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        He's been released from the hospital.
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          Yep, the day before I had a hospital visit to the same place.
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            So glad he's doing better!
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