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Brown defiant as exit poll shows Conservative election gains

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  • Brown defiant as exit poll shows Conservative election gains

    London, England (CNN) -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave no indication early Friday that he would step down, despite exit-poll predictions that his Labour party had come second in elections for the House of Commons on Thursday.

    The "outcome is not yet known but my duty .. is to play my part in Britain having a strong, stable and principled government," he said. "I will not let you down."

    Exit polls suggest that David Cameron's Conservatives are on pace to win 305 seats -- 21 short of a majority in the 650-seat House of Commons.

    After being returned to parliament by his constituency, Cameron said it was "clear that the Labour government has lost its mandate to govern this country."

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    Well, the exit polls were correct and Britain has it's first "Hung Parliament" for 36 years. At the moment Brown is still Prime Minister while the Conservatives are flirting with the Lib Dems.
    I suspect the Lib Dems will do a deal with the Conservatives that falls short of an actual coalition because the Torys are unlikely to agree to the amount of electoral reform the Lib Dems want.
    I think all sides will want to get an actual government sorted out as soon as possible, maybe even within a few days.
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      Congrats, Britain! You're now Canada circa 2006!
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