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Gadhafi is Dead

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  • Gadhafi is Dead

    Or at least that is what everyone is saying though last I heard its still unconfirmed.


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    It is confirmed. Just remember, though, this was never about wanting regime change. Even though last week Ms. Clinton said she welcomed Gaddafi's being captured...or killed.

    We are at war with Eastasia; we have always been at war with Eastasia.


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      Good riddance.

      And it's good to know we can still count on snapdragon to turn every single international news story, no matter how positive, into one more cog in his bizarre anti-America crusade. Regular as clockwork, and nowhere near as useful.


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        It's about time that dog got put down.
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          Less than a year ago he was using his air force to bomb protesters and talking about going door to door killing dissidents like rats. Very few people are more deserving of his death.


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            Muammar is leader of the revolution until the end of time - MQ :toofless:
            Brought to you by the
            National Association For Addressing Prejudice Against Jackasses (NAFAPAJ).
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            It takes a hammer, a chisel, and a lot of aggression that needs converted.
            I am aware of how nasty I come across.
            If others have the right and freedom to be sweetness and light,
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              I don't feel bad in the least that Gadhafi is dead. However, I was a little disturbed by the videos that came out of the fighters posing around his body like he was the Middle East equivilant of a deer in hunting season. It's a shame they had to do that, but I do think Gadhafi reaped forty-some years of what he had sown.


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                I don't feel any remorse that Gaddafi was kiled either but there are so many dirty goings on about this. France wants Lybia's oil now. Also the "rebels" are said to be members of Al Queada.
                :boing:The only thing that sucks around here is a straw.:boing:


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                  Originally posted by ~Runa~ View Post
                  Also the "rebels" are said to be members of Al Queada.
                  According to...?


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                    According to...?
                    ...The written works by Tony Cartulucci. Read his articles and come to your own conclusions.
                    :boing:The only thing that sucks around here is a straw.:boing:


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                      He got knife raped.
                      "Oh yeah, well quote this!"

                      (> <)

                      First person to notice this text doesn't win a prize.


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                        Runa, a blogger from Thailand that recently ran the article "WARNING: Corporate-Fascist Military Coup Brewing in US?" is not a reliable source of analysis of Libyan rebel demographics. Not even remotely. Skimming some of his articles makes it pretty clear he's a conspiracy nut convinced that everything that happens in the world is the result of a secret plot by the US military, NATO, and shadowy forces out to destroy our liberties. In this case, his version of events (and yours, evidently) requires the US and NATO to be in league with Al Qaeda to do...something. That's, you know...unlikely.

                        Wait, is that what snapdragon has been doing with his time lately?!
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                          Another frienemy buried in the sand
                          His iron fist now a cold limp hand
                          Reports of war and rumors thus
                          From TV spews out much distrust
                          A ruling class from Allah's will
                          The embassies are silent still
                          Can one man's death cause to subside
                          This never ending genocide