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I need advice about finding reputable resources and practioners

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  • I need advice about finding reputable resources and practioners

    I am starting a website about women, goddess es, and passion.

    I would like to sell tinctures, oils and salves for
    Attracting love
    Attracting desire
    Enlivening passion
    Spiritual connection to another

    I would like these items to be made with fine quality and organic ingredients

    And prepared in a ritualistic manner suited to the end goal.

    I require the entire process done in a mindful way with intention and ritual.
    I would also like the product to smell good without losing the potency of the intention.

    Can you suggest:

    Where I might buy such products, or from whom ?
    A reputable and respected resource?

    Also, can you recommend a witch who is very well respected and well known amongst a broad base of people (famous)? I would prefer to buy from a well known and well respected source, with an online presence.

    What are the "main" respected magic sites
    The "main" respected authorities?

    Can you also suggest who I might talk to for further inquiry on this subject?

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH !!!


    My email is rose at

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    Hello Rose and welcome to MW. One thing that I think you will find is that there aren't really "main" respected sites or authorities within paganism. There are ones that are more reputable than others, but we don't really consider other pagans to be authorities just because they are famous. (And there are famous witches, who garner varying degrees of respect depending on whom you are asking.)

    I think a good place for you to start looking for reputable stores, sites, and local people to you would be
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