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Blood Moon approaching...

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  • Blood Moon approaching...

    Hi all,

    New here, just very curious about the Blood Moon that is coming and what everyone here feels about it..


    *Financial Climate in America

    I am seeing signs of things and have been having prophetic dreams and visions of what is coming.

    I'll start this off.

    EMP from Russia knocks our planes out of our skies. They put boots on the ground and basically rob Americans of everything of value.
    Slaughtering of Americans in Stainless steel buildings. During this last vision, I asked the question, when was the Pivotal Moment that we missed? It brought me back to present day.. (I had a total of three psychic visions between 2012-2017.)

    I also have noticed that when seeing our President on tv, there is this energetic issue of "admiration" I can feel. I feel my spirit is being manipulated. I do not care for him at all and this moment has happened twice so far where my Rational brain and spiritual awareness are on two different pages. It scares the HELL RIGHT OUT OF ME everytime it happens.. anyone else experiencing those "admiring" moment towards things or people that are corruptive to the spirit?