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Concerned about my child

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  • Concerned about my child

    I have been noticing quite some time my girl baby aged 12 is not usual at all, she wants to go to the graveyard and cry, one day after finishing school I couldn't find her anywhere ,with the information which i knew i found her near a graveyard could you please help me out ,i am also thinking of buying me a personal tracker so i could track her with ease

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    Have you tried talking to her? And she is no longer a baby. She may be going thru puberty which could make her emotional.

    Or there could be a bully at school. Ask her.

    I think a personal tracker is a great idea for all children and at risk people. In case of kidnapping or they are just lost. But don't ever use it with the attitude of "I know where you have been." Because that will ruin the trust between you.
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      A cynical part of me wants to say this is spam but on the off chance it isn't, is it that she is going to the graveyard to cry that upsets you or that she is crying in general? It could be hormones or adjustments to middle school and all that comes with it. Try talking with her before getting a tracker, those are very unreliable and have the potential of so much negativity.
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        Most likely, your daughter's problems are looking for in school and in communication with classmates, it may also be more convenient for you to pick her up from school and now it is better to prepare for College, for example, use essay writing service australia for good preparation.