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    I used to work at an office job 11 years ago and there was one supervisor how was very abusive to me. She was female and she doesn't like to work with disable people. She treats me like garbage and I was very unhappy. I complain to my job coach and she didn't do anything about it. I never even argue with her and I tried to respect her but she wasn't even feeling it. If I do a bad job she yells at me and even I do a good job she still yells at me. My former co-worker told me horrible stories about her. She doesn't like Goodtemps. They even told me that there was a former Goodtemp who used to work with her and she treats her like crap. She quit and I really don't blame her. So anyway she continued to verbally abuse me so I complained to Human Resources and she got in trouble. My job coach got angry at me all because I do the right thing. I told her off because she was never there for me and she was incompetent to do her job. Let be honest she was a very lousy job coach. So anyway I got laid off a year later because of the recession and now I work at a better job now. That's my story.