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  • 1) Is there a story behind your user I.D./screen name?
    Not really, it's just my middle name
    2) How'd you find us here at Mystic Wicks?
    Through an exhaustive internet search for active pagan sites. I'm so glad you're here!!!
    3) Do you follow any certain path (spiritually)?
    I am very eclectic. I know that doesn't jive with everyone, but I want to makes sure what I am doing feels right to me.
    4) Would you give me a kidney if I needed it? JUST KIDDING! Only checking to see who's paying attention... lol
    Always good to explore your options in case of an emergency
    the real #4) Would you like people to send you a private message saying "hi" if they see your profile and want to get to know you better?
    Sure! Sometimes people private message to see if another person is single. In that instance, I am not interested (but flattered!), since a very sweet guy put a ring on it.
    5) Do you use incense, and if you do, do you have a favorite scent?
    Patchouli all the way, baby!
    6) How about "totem animals"; is there any certain animal with which you most identify?
    Well, I love rabbits and have worked with them through the Humane Society. However, I had an awesome dream that I was talking to a flamingo so they also hold a special place in my heart ;D
    7) Is there anything else you think we should know about you, or that you'd like to share?
    I am sure there is! I plan in both reading and writing here regularly. Seriously, thanks so much for being here Ladies and Gents <3

    *oh yes...also, I have tried everything to set my profile pic, including making sure the file size/pixel size was right and many different formats. If anyone has any pointer, I would greatly appreciate it!
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