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Hello. Confused, new, Christian-ish. ^_^

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. You may wish to look for ebooks (since you have limited funds/options). I love ebooks but it is a personal choice. Here is a pretty good site (it'll keep you busy for a while at least if you can't find a book locally it'll probably be here)

    I also got 100% Neo-Pagan on the Belief "test" (followed by New age 88% and liberal Quaker 82%) but I have been drawn to it for what seems like forever...interestingly my 'raised' religion was no where in the list. I bought my first book when I was 15 from a 'head shop' it was Buckland's Complete book of witchcraft there were others but it was the one that 'spoke' to met an ill fate however (probably why I now use all ebooks) Mom found it and burned it afterward it was like piece of me was gone or missing hard to explain really....

    I was 'raised' to believe that there was only 'one path' 'one God' etc and that just didn't make since to me for some reason.


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      HI, sounds like your doing a great start, you have self-distance and a quite skeptical nature, I value that.
      This will be a good signature one day


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        I'm late on the uptake, but welcome!
        I'm a Christian Witch, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

        Proudly German-Canadian.

        I find it overly pretentious when people call themselves "Lady _________." My username would just have been "Dryad," had that not been taken and were I not unoriginal in picking names for things.
        By no means do I consider myself "Lady" anything.


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          I think we've all been in that place of not knowing what it is we truly believe in at one point or another. What's important is to just do what feels right. Brightest blessings to you on whatever path you choose to follow!
          "From too much love of living,
          From hope and fear set free,
          We thank with brief thanksgiving
          Whatever gods may be
          That no life lives for ever;
          That dead men rise up never;
          That even the weariest river
          Winds somewhere safe to sea."


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            Welcome, divinewriter! I think it's great that you're exploring a new chapter in your life, and that you're willing to move beyond the discomfort that certain deities evoke in you. Discomfort is often a healthy sign that you're being challenged to grow and evolve. Cheers!


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              A best-ever book

              If I could only read three books for the rest of my life, one of them would be "Dancing the Dream: the Seven Sacred Steps of Human Transformation" by Jamie Sams. She writes from the POV of her Native American heritage, but her work isn't about path-specific rituals, rather it's truly applicable to ANYONE interested in human spiritual transformation. Try it: this book changed my life, enriching it beyond any expectation. It's not incompatible with other paths at all.
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              Light be ever on your Path!

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                Welcome to the forums! Another good beginner book is A Witch Alone by Marian Green. I started with Cunningham and didn't read Green until much later so I personally don't know how great it is for a beginner, but others have recommended it.