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A quick hello as to not be anti-social.

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  • A quick hello as to not be anti-social.

    I just want to say hello to everyone. I hope in the near future to be speaking to a bunch of new people, so I figured I would warn you ahead of time I'm not only new here but new to the craft in general. So please forgive me for my lack of knowledge.

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    Welcome Odie4bre!
    And thank you for the warning! I'm new here as well. Seems like a really nice place!

    Walk in Beauty


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      No need for forgiveness. Just come in, read, and ask questions should you need.
      "Rather would I feed fowls with the flesh of thee than wrangle any longer with thee." - Gramnar, Volsunga Saga

      I am the elite thread assassin - Fire-Scryer


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        Hi! Welcome to MW!
        I'm a Christian Witch, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

        Proudly German-Canadian.

        I find it overly pretentious when people call themselves "Lady _________." My username would just have been "Dryad," had that not been taken and were I not unoriginal in picking names for things.
        By no means do I consider myself "Lady" anything.


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          Welcome! You've come to the right forum. I strongly doubt anyone here is snobbish enough to look down on someone for being new to the craft.

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          "Demons have existed [...] for at least as long as the gods, who in many ways they closely resemble.
          The difference is basically the same as that between terrorists and freedom fighters." Terry Pratchett, Eric

          Respect is earned. So is disrespect.