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  • my journey led me here

    Growing up in The Netherlands where our Pagan roots are still evident ingrained a deep respect for nature in me. These roots also make Holland a tolerant religious and political haven. I would like to hear the ideas and opinions of people who have similar views of the world.
    Perceive, Meditate, Transcend!

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    "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." - Stephen King.

    "If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it." ~Nora Roberts.


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      Welcome i expect you'll find many with similar views here.

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      "Demons have existed [...] for at least as long as the gods, who in many ways they closely resemble.
      The difference is basically the same as that between terrorists and freedom fighters." Terry Pratchett, Eric

      Respect is earned. So is disrespect.


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        The Netherlands is a beautiful place from what I remember :uhhuhuh: Welcome! I grew up in Germany but now reside in the USA.


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          Welcome 2 MW!:boing:
          "Just when you think you've got me figured out the seasons already changing"~ Meredith Brooks


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            Hi! Welcome to MW!
            I'm a Christian Witch, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

            Proudly German-Canadian.

            I find it overly pretentious when people call themselves "Lady _________." My username would just have been "Dryad," had that not been taken and were I not unoriginal in picking names for things.
            By no means do I consider myself "Lady" anything.


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              "Rather would I feed fowls with the flesh of thee than wrangle any longer with thee." - Gramnar, Volsunga Saga

              I am the elite thread assassin - Fire-Scryer