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The Amish Send Their Regards... :p

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    Originally posted by Ariste View Post
    I'd have to disagree with that :P It gets very old when traffic is backed up 2 miles cause of a single buggy
    I kinda alone in enjoying the slow buggys down Rte. 30... Lol.

    The Amish also have a growing community in Mexico. I wonder what PA Dutch sounds like mixed with Spanish?
    LOL! Spit out my tea..thanks.


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      Originally posted by Chaos Hawk View Post
      There is a large Amish population where I live. It was discussed on Man vs Food lol Adam Richmond said "The Amish came to Fl for the same reason grandparents do." (or something like that I'm paraphrasing). We don't see many horse buggies though, they are usually on bikes or those adult tricycles with the baskets on the back.
      LOL yeah there is a bus that leaves Lancaster every tuesday or thursday I think it is for FL.