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    I suppose hello is always a good way to start a conversation, I mean it’d be awfully rude of me not to at least greet you all for reading my post! For here I just intend on going by Celicia (Cell-ih-see-ah) I know the phonetics on that aren’t right but just so people know it doesn’t sound like the name of the car model. This name I now believe to rightfully be what most call our mystic name, which I didn’t realize for several years. When I was thirteen I really started getting into the whole pagan path, and decided to outright ask for a name from the Goddess. Well I had a dream, this name came to me, and I being a foolish child didn’t see the true meaning behind it. I actually used the name for a comic character representing myself at the time and used it as a go-to name amongst my friends.

    Then after a falling out I didn’t like using the name. I simply dropped the name and referred to myself as Maiden. I’ve always like the term Maiden, its simple and nameless, and kind of mysterious. Still I didn’t use it as a magic name as I sort of fell out of practice. Not that I didn’t consider myself a pagan, in beliefs, but in small town Kansas trying to be a practicing pagan is incredibly difficult. This coming from a girl who was only in the teenage years of her life and didn’t know where on earth in town to even start the search for things like herbs. So lost in my own path I followed the belief but as ways of rituals I just never quite figured it out.

    I always have had one connection though with things though, and that’s been through my deck of Oracle Cards. I have many sets but the one that seems to hold closest to me is my Faery Oracle deck with the beautiful paintings of Brian Froud on it. So those can be thanked for constantly pulling me back to my beliefs as the drama and turmoil of high school kinda took out the importance of faith.

    Now in College, my final year I have found myself drawn back into the idea of getting into ritualistic practice again. Unfortunately being unable to burn incense and candles on campus has put a server limit. Not to mention no matter what books I buy from Barnes and Nobles, I still feel like studying on my own only teaches me so much. I want to learn from others and share my experiences, I mean while I’ve had faith for awhile I’m very much a novice in some aspets of things. Funny enough during the overwhelming changes that drove me back towards my path, I decided to look up the name Celicia. Its not one that really exists, or so I thought, until digging I found a meaning that stopped me dead in my tracks.

    There was a point in time I tried to find the name and never could and of all times I found this. It was odd. I wanted to shake it off but I felt undeniably compelled to take it as some sort of meaning. The past never really lets itself rest right? Haha. So in the past few weeks I’ve been doing the soul searching and finally wound up here!

    I want to get to know people, talk, learn, and get my feet off the ground as a practitioner! So greetings everyone. This Taurus born in the year of the snake (I’m a Bull Snake!!) bids says hello! I believe in faeries, I believe in the Goddess, and at times I suspect myself of demonstrated qualities of an Empath but I try not to label myself as one because I don’t really know. I sound just like some hypochondriac really by saying “All those things sound like me!” so I tend to keep it on the down low.

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    Welcome to MW!
    ~*"The only true deity is the one that you believe in"*~
    Stalker of Gareth!

    Stabbing the Captain with a pickle


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      to MW!!!

      This is a great place to learn about various things... Pull up a chair, sit down, hang out and enjoy yourself in here.
      "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." - Stephen King.

      "If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it." ~Nora Roberts.


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        I give you a might Rawwwr
        This will be a good signature one day


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          welcome to MW :boing:

          So tie me to a post and block my ears
          I can see widows and orphans through my tears
          I know my call despite my faults
          And despite my growing fears

          But I will hold on hope
          And I won't let you choke
          On the noose around your neck

          And I'll find strength in pain
          And I will change my ways
          I'll know my name as it's called again
          ~ Mumford and Sons (The Cave)

          "I have been in Sorrow's kitchen and licked out all the pots." ~ Susan Straight


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            Welcome home, Celicia! Looks like you put a lot of thought into your path already. Good for you! And don't fear to accept being an empath. Once you realise your potential, you can learn how to cope.
            Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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              Thank you all for the lovely welcome. Already took a bit of a step today. I have a stalk of sage, my morter and pestle currently filled with sage leaves and cedar. Bought some peppermint, Rosemary leaves, and red rose buds/petals... Not a lot but got to start somewhere right?


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                Welcome to MW, Celicia! The phonetics of your name seem all right to me.


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                    Welcome Celicia! I'm a lion snake!