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  • Hello everyone

    I'm a long time lurker, finally broke down and made an account-er.... Just wanted to say his and hellos.

    I'm a solitary eclectic witch, with tendencies towards alchemy and chaos magick at the moment. I've been practicing since I was 11 years old, which was longer ago than I'll ever admit to. I'm currently very into exploring the connections and potentials of quantum mechanics and magickal practices, hence the name. I'm also a graduate student in NYC, and still trying to make connections with other pagans in the area.

    So if you're up in the big apple, feel free to drop my a line. Either way I hope to see you all around the forum!

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    Welcome home, Quantum Witch! Interesting path you follow. I'm sure we'll have a discussion or 2

    We've got plenty of members in and around NYC. My wife used to live a few miles south from there.
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      Originally posted by Xentor View Post
      Welcome home, Quantum Witch! Interesting path you follow. I'm sure we'll have a discussion or 2
      Looking forward to it!


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        Hello! I love the name. I'm also very into Quantum Physics and the like. Glad to have you join us :D I work mostly with herbs and candle magick.


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          Well hello there QW,

          I have been following the emerging technology and the postmodern conceptual advancements now for a few years. One thing I learned if anything is to constantly make sure to re read the source texts and then go back to what i was doing.

          Quantum Computers have seen more results in the Research and Development labs by the engineers who shared this approach. I try to teach that to any new comer to the path, so welcome welcome welcome.
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            Welcome Quantum Witch!

            I am a long time lurker as well just starting to make the rounds. Your path sounds fascinating! Hope to learn more about it.


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              Good to see you Quantum. I've never understood quantum myself further than it can reportedly be explained beautifully with a rubber sheet and some weights. I hope you stop lurking - i like quantum.

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                Very nice to meet you
                Hope you decide to stay here and enjoy the forum.

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