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  • Hello Everone

    My background is a bit multifaceted and too long of a story. Quick version I started reading tarot in high school. My mother bought me the classic Raymond Buckland book of witchcraft and a deck of enchanted tarot for my birthday. I don’t know what the hell happened since I got married and had kids but I am now recovering from the mental abuse as a Christian. I innocently got reiki attunements and was half convinced and half accused I had demons. They tried to “deliver me” and after 3 days in the mental ward of a hospital I left. I did try to go back once but then my daughter came out of the closet and I am officially back home. Only after an offer of someone to pray for the “evil” to come out of my daughter.

    So i awoke from my coma and feel like I’m back in my skin again. No longer living a lie. I’m turning 43 this weekend and am way too old for people to shove their crap down my throat. I’m done.

    So so hello here I am!

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    Happy Birthday to you. And welcome to Mystic Wicks.
    Another beautiful day in the state of denial.


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      Thank you 😊