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  • Re-Introduction

    Wow, I haven't been on MW in actual years! So consider this my re-introduction.

    Back when I first joined MW, I was a recent highschool graduate, living with my grandparents in Southern California.

    Now, I'm a married, first time SAH mom of an almost 2yo daughter. I do some digital art and design on evenings and weekends to help generate a little income for the family, with my favorite medium being digital painting. I also do some crochet, sewing, and other miscellaneous artwork as time permits.

    When it comes to my path, I am generally solitary. I did try working with a group/coven in 2006ish, but I never felt that I really fit in. The women had all built established relationships with each other, and though they welcomed me with a smile, I was really only ever a guest. So that didn't work out too well.

    I'm also a cervical cancer survivor and have been cervical cancer free since 2014.

    I'm generally friendly, open to discussion, and hope to connect with some new online friends through this lovely group!

    It's good to be back!

    .+[Blessed Be]+.

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    Welcome back to the porch!
    It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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      Welcome back Autumnsong. This forum is very quiet .
      I'M RICH! MITCH!