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The Statute Of Limitations Is A Load Of Crap

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  • The Statute Of Limitations Is A Load Of Crap

    In case if you all want to know why I don't support the Statute Of Limitations is because it's a stupid rule and here's my reasons:

    1. It's very limited.

    2. You can only report the rape and sexual assault due to the limited amount of time. If you report once the statute limitations is expired, it's too late and it's worthless.

    3. You can't get any justice from it.

    Those are my reasons why I just can't support the Statute Of Limitations. I mean there's no Statute Of Limitations on murder but on rape. Really? Why is that rule even existed in the first place. Rape is just as serious as murder and any other serious crime. I mean the U.S. Justice System needs to remove this crappy rule.

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    I do agree that it can cause some problems for people who were not able to speak up at the time but it also protects people in a way. No one can come up and accuse someone of committing a crime they may or may not have committed. There needs to be evidence and if there is none then the person is set free. Yes, that could mean that the victim will not be able to get the justice they deserve but it also protects those who may be wrongly accused of a crime. Murder is something that can usually be proven because the evidence with that does not always go away. Sure we can say that the same could be said in the case of rape but not really. Rape or sexual assault needs the kind of evidence that is easily destroyed ( such as DNA samples) very rarely will someone have any other form of evidence outside of that. Where murder comes with a slew of evidence that can be traced back to the person if they are not careful.

    I do not think that they need to do away the time limit unless the person is a know or suspected offender in a current case or it was reported to someone (such as the person who was hurt went to the police or hospital but was ignored). There are many people who were hurt as children who will never find justice and that is messed up. I do think there needs to be something in place that allows a child to seek justice as an adult but I do not think the same should be done for an adult unless the person who hurt them is currently on trial when they try to speak out about what happened.
    There is a logical reason for the things I do,I just haven't figured it out yet.