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    So I have to put this here, I live near Vermont and have been well aware of Bernie Sanders for years. I was very scared when he first started talking presidential politics, I was afraid of an independent candidacy sentencing us to a repeat of 2000. He seems to be aware of that but the main stream media is ignoring the man and I have limited use for Hilary Clinton. I think she is simply a republican who isn't misogynist.

    So Bernie folks, identify yourselves!

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    I can't vote YET as I am going through the US naturalization process (I'm waiting my interview date).

    I am excited at the prospect of being able to vote in November (hopefully!) as politics are important to me. I've been following the race on both sides very closely. I normally support democrats, but am watching the republicans too this year. I do like Kasich on the republican side. He may be a good candidate overall, and if he makes it to the nomination I may register as an Independent for the general elections and make a decision down the road. If any other republican is elected, especially Cruz or Rubio, I will vote democrat regardless if its Sanders or Clinton who get the nomination.

    I do like Sanders' ideas and platform. It has been long overdue in this country. I am just not sure he is super electable going up against someone like Kasich or Trump. Clinton has some good ideas too, and the experience on an international political stage. But as many Americans are not super pleased with Obama's last term, she may just seem as an extension of those policies and reforms - and that may work against her in a general election.

    I will be thrilled if Bernie gets elected, but I am not sure if he will make it there against certain Republicans.

    I'm going back and forth, honestly. I wish I could mash together Kasich and Sanders into 1 candidate. We need a middle/moderate type political leader - one that will take care of us here in the USA: with a focus on getting welfare to the RIGHT people who really need it (ie. those of us who work, single parents, disabled, sober/drug free); investing money back in our country but maintaining a healthy dose of international leadership and involvement; Someone who will be tough against ISIS and terrorism, but not "make the sand glow" in the Middle East; Someone that will take care of illegals - as a legal immigrant I don't like that they get a path to citizenship when I went through all the legal hoops - and the creation of a reformed LEGAL immigration system for those of us who are coming here the legal way for the right reasons; Someone who will tackle race issues in this country; Someone who will STOP throwing the word GOD or BIBLE into every single political issue; Someone who will allow for civil rights on all fronts including gay rights, women's rights.

    So I'm torn.
    Bernie Sanders will definitely the better option that some of the clowns out there in the republican race for sure!


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      Choosing to register for one of the parties will depend vastly on the local laws where you live and if your state is an Open Primary State (Like New Hampshire) or a closed Primary state, where you have to be registered with a party to vote in that primary. New York is that way.

      There's a catch though. if local politics where you live are dominated by one party, where I live that would be Republican, not being registered as a repug means I don't get to vote in the primary and in the generals the democrat is usually laughable. which sort of sucks.

      However I have a HUGE grudge against the Republican Party, they are anti woman, they allow extremists to dictate policy and they out and out sat down and decided that they would do as little as possible while Obama was in the White House. After doing so they now say that Obama is a failed president when what is really going on is that he is a stymied president.

      Kasich is no friend of women, something like half the abortion clinics in Ohio have been forced to close under TRAP laws he signed, that not only stops abortion, it frequently stops women accessing birth control. Prettymuch every GOP candidate is anti-choice either because they are Evangelical Christians or Catholics. The one who isn't, Donald Trump, will do and say what he has to to get the nomination and the only person Donald Trump is loyal to is Donald Trump. He's also a racist and sexist pig.

      So...after 31 years of voting I won't vote Republican. That will not change until the GOP itself changes. which will likely be when pigs fly!
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        I want to feel the Bern. Sometimes I do. But I am also watching and waiting. I am curious to see what Hillary Clinton is going to do as well.
        The possibilities are endless.


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          going for the Bern. Although with Trump it will not be that bad. some say Sanders and Trump are two sides of the same coin.
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            I'm not so happy about Kasich at the moment. This link makes me very very upset. Christianity, in particular the Evangelical variety, is just as toxic as extremist Islam




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              I wanted to like Kasich, I think he had some decent stances, but I just couldn't. The few good things I could find about him were completely offset by stuff like the above.

              I was hoping to find at least one decent Republican candidate, but maybe not this time around. *sigh* I'm all for Bernie.
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                I like Bernie, but I'm a bit annoyed by some of his supporters, and I'm not sure if I like him or Hillary better.
                Originally posted by Autumn View Post
                I'm not so happy about Kasich at the moment. This link makes me very very upset. Christianity, in particular the Evangelical variety, is just as toxic as extremist Islam


                Sheesh! And I thought he seemed like the sanest one in last night's debate!
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                  Bern or bust!!!
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