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The Elements: Harming and Healing?

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  • The Elements: Harming and Healing?

    Late last night while I was trying to sleep, my mind started ticking off these thoughts about the Elements: are they both healing and harmful? For instance when it comes to fire it can both harm and heal. Fire can shed light and burn everything it comes in contact with. Water can soothe but too much water can also be harmful: it can cause drowning and on land, mudslides. Earth is what grounds us and provides us with everything we need to live; but it can also break everything around us (think earthquakes, sink holes). Air helps us breathe and can also be destructive with tornadoes. I may pursue this further, when I am not trying to go to sleep!

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    Yes they can be either though in actuality they are neither, as they are forces of nature. What is considered healing or harmful is completely from the the perspective of the observer being subjected to a nature.
    Fire for example is neither inherently harmful or helpful, it is fire. Whether it is harmful or not depends on what it interacts with and how, and whether or not the result of this interaction is beneficial to the continuing of our nature. fire can destroy entire forest, and yet controlled brush fires make the soil fertile for future growth. Likewise, water keeps us hydrated yet too much water and many a seed will rot leading to famine. Has any of this been intended by these elements? No. They did not identity with healing or harm, they just are, in their innocence.

    This is why the elementals are considered blind forces, to be called under the direction of some other entity and always banished afterward; if they had been called to where they do not belong.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition