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Woman discounts sleep paralysis as explanation for alien abduction

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  • Woman discounts sleep paralysis as explanation for alien abduction

    I thought this was kind of an interesting news article.

    "Everyone would like to find a dif-ferent explanation than abductions and so would I," said Ms. Jamerson, who uses the penname Anna Jamerson to protect her family. "(Sleep paralysis) doesn't explain it when I am abducted from my car. Sleep paralysis doesn't cause scars on my body."
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      According to that theory, postulated by a Harvard psychology fellow, the brain is out of deep sleep but the body is unable to move. As a result, victims often hallucinate, sense a presence, or feel like they are floating.
      Ok, so if the theory is that the brain is *out of deep sleep,* so you're completely conscious and aware, but your body is unable to move (hence the terror), then *why* would that cause hallucinations?

      I've experienced real sleep paralysis plenty of times. Usually it's when I'm about to astral project (unwillingly, something that I fight), but often it's not. Sometimes I just can't move because I was just sleeping really hard and my mind's awake but my body's not. I mean... that doesn't make me see aliens probing at my body, doesn't make me wake up with scars or get nosebleeds. I just can't move for a while and end up fighting to move my foot or kick my leg. The few times I've sensed something or seen something, it's because it's there. That's all I can surmise, seeing as I'm totally awake.

      The theory just doesn't make sense and can't cover such a wide range of experiences that people are having.


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        I'll say from the start I'm not discounting anything here, but simply tending to look for explanations closer to home.

        I suspect before jumping to conclusions these people should be tested for seizure disorders, or even sleepwalking.

        There are people who get up, walk large distances, change their clothes, etc. all without waking up. There are people damage to themselves in their sleep. It's actually quite common. Although in these instances one would be quite right in saying sleep PARALYSIS had nothing to do with it. More like some other sleep disorder.

        I do suffer from sleep paralysis though, and can feel the presence and do see the flashing lights and sometimes even machinery, and feel an electric feeling running through my body. Thing is, half the time now I'm...lucid enough to be able to wake myself up at will or use it as a jumping off point for halfway lucid dreaming. If I can wake myself up completely, at will, I'm obviously not being abducted by aliens...

        And frankly, if a species is advanced enough to be able to travel through space, I'm not sure why they'd be interested in poking and prodding so many of us.

        OK, granted, a few people, maybe, if they're like us in that they like to poke and prod at things they don't understand. Or perhaps they're REALLY like us and like to conduct medical tests on species they consider inferior. But this is anthropomorphizing, why would they be that similar to us, seems pretty incredible to me that these aliens are so human like in thier tests on inferior little human animals. (Of course, I don't really want to believe that there could be aliens in the universe as sick and depraved as some people are, but I suppose maybe that's a product of my idealized wishful thinking....).

        Perhaps it is karma catching up on the human race and some strange force in the universe (aliens or otherwise) wants some of us to know how our lab rats and lab chimps feel.

        Of course then you'd think it would be the scientists doing the testing, but maybe they just keep their mouths shut because talk of alien abductions or anything that could be percieved by society at large as a mental problem would kill their career, so they rationalize any experience away or pretend it didn't happen...

        Mind you again, I'm not discounting the experiences, just providing other views, some somewhat sarcastic yes, but that's just the mood I';m in today and they are said tongue in scheek and not intended to downplay anyone's experiences...hell, half the time I'm not so sure we're not all in the matriix or some form of it or another, and nothing is real...


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          The lack of sleep paralysis will cause scars. People can act out their dreams when they don't get it. They can masturbate in their sleep and wake up with nasty burns, they can accidentally tackle or assault their partners without even realizing it. We are paralyzed in our sleep for our own protection.
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            Lots of things cause scars, not just aliens. People do weird things in their sleep.
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