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What is in Area 51?

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    I chose other due to things I have seen while within the military myself. I have found that the FBI has released revised public recods of Area 51 if for nothing else then to help ensure a cover up. However true these reports may have sounded by taking a look at a satilite photo I have found there to be six buildings in the following formation located at or fairly close to the center of the base:

    \ /
    / \

    The 1s are each a seperate building and the slashes are placed in the formation and angle they can be truely seen. If you look at it though a rough design on a computer you can probably see the symetry and symblance of one of our own symbols.

    Now from those whom I have spoken to on this acute design I have learned that within each of those buildings there lays a symbol on the ground seemingly etched into stone. This is the supposed reason the buildings were put into place.

    If anyone here has ever been to Montauk Point and seen the glyphs or watched them bend as aircraft moved by or anything else for that matter you would understand why such a large scale area was designated around the symbols.

    For those of you who have not, when a glyph stretches around Montauk point things can occur depending upion the type of Glyph in question. be it good or bad. It is my guess these five symbols have a similar effect if exposed. I would assume however that that reaction is not a good one or one that the military is trying to figure out by studies.

    If your a parapsychologist then your chances of recieving access to the base is supposedly easier but then again I have yet to hear of one ever returning from within after seeing the designs. Instead they seem to remain on and vanish from all other forms of life in hopes to find out the meaning.

    So in the end perhaps it was aliens who made them. Who knows but from what all I have learned on the subject it seems more paganish then extraterestrial. Who knows perhaps we in a previous life made the symbols and one day one of us will awaken with the knowledge and remembrance of their use and go forth setting the old plans to motion.

    In the end, only time will tell.
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      I have no idea whats going on there. Its probably something we could never think of. But I feel like its more than just Aliens. I remember seeing a show once about area 51 and they had a thing on how various creatures that looked like Chupacabras were found dead around the area. Its probably some Island of Doctor Moreau stuff going on there.

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            I belive that something did crash in the nevada desert, be it from this world or not, i also belive that interest has got so hot on that area that they have moved the whole thing but like us to focus on that area so they have kept the big white cars and shoot on site thing just to keep our eyes averted from else where.

            The point about the glphs is fascinating i havent heard that one before.


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              Having studied this stuff in an anthro paranormalism course, I would have to say that the only thing that crashed at Roswell was a weather balloon. As for Area 51, I'm sure the gov. has stuff going on that they don't want the public to know about, but I doubt it has anything to do with aliens.
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                Stuff that walmart doesnt carry.


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                  A diversion so we don't see what is really going on.


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                    ANyone who knows *anything* knows that all the really good stuff isn't at Area 51. It's at Area 51-A.

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                      Area 51 isn't far from me as I live in Vegas,but I have never tried to go there. It interested me for awhile and I guess it still is interesting. However,while my views on possible aliens are that,there is life on this planet so why not on others, I doubt they have aliens 'stored' there. Just my views.



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                        I think there are extremely secret, extremely deadly weapons being developed there.
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                          I have no idea what is there, but I believe it is possible that things we could never imagine happen in restricted areas. I would like to think it is only weapons testing. However people are capable of horrible things, when they feel justified, and they know no one is watching. I have heard rumors that the missing children end up in some of these restricted areas, and I believe that is possible.


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                            I don't want to know. Not that aliens or anything scare me... in fact I expect that life exists on other worlds. However, the possibility of secret-superweapons, bioweapon research, etc. scare the heebie-jeebies out of me.

                            Brightshores, trusts the aliens more than the US government these days.

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                              I have no clue...But a few years ago, it was seen that area 51 is still active, with planes and other things. (it was caught on film)
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                                i think that it doesnt matter what we think, we will never know what the 'truth' is cause not even 'they' know it.