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What is in Area 51?

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    google bird of prey (stealthcraft) it's the predecessor to the next-gen stealth craft (F-22) that the gov is working on. It definitely has an otherworldly look to it, and I'm sure that it could easily be mistaken for an ET craft... Of course, it doesn't have the ability to hover that I'm aware of, but it's been around since 1995 I believe...
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      The Aliens that crashed the UFO's are long buryed. The Air Force for years have been testing craft that was developed directly from these crashed UFO's. The Stealth techknowlge came from these craft. The F - 117 fighter & the bomber. Avro of Canada is suppose to be building there own "flying saucer". The new Hyper air- space craft just flown into space by the USAF is the lattest & they ain't talking. Suppose to reach 3000 + MPH & can land like the shuttle. Does not need a rocket to get into space. Just the long runway at Area51.


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        The reality is its the biggest distraction ever conceived.

        The real "hidden side" of our government is in the middle of the places we would least expect them. Area 51 is for the crackpot stuff that thhe military has no real use for other than to distract conspiracy theorists.

        Need a secret place to test aircraft? Plenty of miles of abandoned desert where there isn't a living being for miles to do that, no need for a special base.

        The guys with guns just add to the illusion.
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          Buncha experimental military aircraft, mostly made by Lockheed Martin's "Skunkworks" Advanced Development Program.

          As always, conspiracy theories about Area 51 are a smokescreen for something far more mundane, and embarrassing, usually happening not too far away. Just how many Nazi scientists brought to the US under the auspices of Operation Paperclip had access to highly sensitive, national security related programs taking place at Los Alamos labs, anyway?
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            My opinion will be the least popular...I just think it's a military base used for testing weapons, etc. Nevertheless, I still find it so interesting
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              they moved the ufo and the alien to either alaska or they killed the alien after getting its dna and sunk both into a deepwater they are using the dna and ship for ideas and help with bio weapons and bioengineerring...they may also try and make a virus im not sure on that
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                Nothing, it was all moved to Hangar 18 at Wright Patt AFB during Project Blue Book...seriously I don't think it was anything extra terrestrial, and likely much of it had to do with Skunk Works
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                  A publicity stunt.

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                      At one point there may have been something stored there, whether it was the wreckage from any crash that happened near Roswell or anything remotely alien in nature, in an effort to conceal it from prying public eyes.

                      But I think that not unlike a lot of other military bases or areas, it has multiple usages and functions, from the mundane to the fantastic.

                      But I don't think ALL of the knowledge on aliens would be stored there.

                      I think for my own curiousity, I'd like to know, but then again who doesn't like being in the know on a secret?


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                        Since it's the base that everyone knows about yet "doesn't exist" I think nothing is there. It's there to give everyone something to focus on where all the real things (aliens, weapons etc) are probably done right out in the open at bases that give tours.

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                          It's just a military base. Used for testing experimental aircraft (especially Lockheed aircraft), a fact they've been public about for some time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably a paranoid, conspiracy-theorist loon.


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                            Originally posted by Louisvillian View Post
                            It's just a military base. Used for testing experimental aircraft (especially Lockheed aircraft), a fact they've been public about for some time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably a paranoid, conspiracy-theorist loon.
                            Or just open minded. I'm far from being a loon.


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                              Originally posted by Druchii View Post
                              Or just open minded.
                              If by "open-minded" you mean "accepting absurd ideas without verifiable evidence".


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                                LOL! So I guess it wouldn't help my cause to tell you I've seen a UFO? I have no clue if it was little green men, but considering we're both posting on a site that caters to talking about the unusual, the archaic, and the fantastic, I think that UFOs by comparison, or at least the presence of alien life here on earth sounds pretty mundane.