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Nasa under pressure over alleged 1965 'UFO' coverup

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  • Nasa under pressure over alleged 1965 'UFO' coverup,00.html

    Pittsburgh - Researchers and witnesses who believe a unidentified flying object (UFO), landed in the woods of western Pennsylvania 40 years ago are marking another anniversary on Friday: two years since a lawsuit was filed to get Nasa to release records of what happened.

    A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) spokesperson says there's no cover-up - the "UFO" was a Russian satellite, but government records documenting it have been lost.

    Leslie Kean, an investigative reporter backed by the Sci-Fi Channel, and a group connected to the cable TV station sued Nasa two years ago under the Freedom of Information Act.
    Funny how records of UFOs tend to mysteriously disappear.
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    If it was aliens why would they be travelling in something so small if they have the technology to travel so far.
    "Oh yeah, well quote this!"

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    First person to notice this text doesn't win a prize.


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      it would be a probe the same way we have the mars rover
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        Originally posted by WokeUpDead
        If it was aliens why would they be travelling in something so small if they have the technology to travel so far.
        they were really little aliens :uhhuhuh:
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          Majestic 7

          Try researching the majestic 7