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A Dangerous Development in the Alien Experience

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    Originally posted by Derestanne View Post
    I have dedicated so much of my own life to supporting the "underdogs" of the World. I have known and comforted Pagan's who were so hurt by the rejection of their families and society that they had became alcoholics.

    So what will become of the Starseeds, Alien Abductees and Contactees? Must they also suffer the same rejection, ridicule and prejudice faced by all minorities - gay's, people of color and pagans?
    I don't think anybody is saying that the lady is crazy, it just seems that you and perhaps her are jumping to the first conclusion you came across. I won't say it's impossible -- heck if you've ever seen Drake's Equation (it's a mathematical model for predicting the number of intelligent civs in the galaxy) -- math says that aliens are almost certain to be out there. I don't think that means that this is what happened to your therapist friend. Personally i think it's better to rule out medical and psychiatric problems before moving on to the more otherworldly things.

    If what I've mostly seen here is any indication, the Alien Experiencers can expect to get kicked to the curb by most of the Pagan Community!

    Rather than Pagans applying their experience as a persecuted spiritual underground as a call to value inclusiveness, acceptance, tolerance and diversity, I get the feeling that increasing numbers of pagans are bitter and angry over their plight, and are becoming increasingly entrenched and militant.
    Indeed, some the attitudes I've seen on this Forum over the past several months smack of the Pagan equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan.
    I've hung around KKK types in my checkered past. These guys are nothing like the KKK. (it's a long story and I learned my lesson). But I don't think people are specificly rejecting you or "Jane". I think it's entirely possible she experienced what she says she experienced. I'm just a bit cautious in my declarations of miracles and extraterrestrial explanations because a lot of medical issues can mimic those experiences. And untreated medical problems aren't something to mess around with.

    If there's a way to detect the implant, my thought is get it out of her. If not, maybe just live a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress and so on. As I said, this is probably more of a health issue than anything.

    All of this makes me question who I personally should be supporting at this time and why. Should I continue to support causes that would only turn around and disserve others in genuine need?

    Just because someone has an experience that doesn't fit neatly into a pre-labeled box, do we blow them off as mentally ill? If someone encounters an Alien, does that automatically make their blood green instead of red? And even if their blood does test positive for "green" are they the "children of a lesser God"?

    I rest my case, and may we all find our way back to the True Heart of the Divine.
    I'm not saying she is mentally ill, but I think that you ought to look into that just to rule it out. I doubt a shizophrenic could be a PT -- it's a pretty hard science discipline and heavy on the communication skills. So mental illness isn't likely. I've never seen an alien -- heard some way out there stories, but never seen it myself. Jane needs help yes, but I'm not sure how we can help your buddy here. I'm not a doctor, I don't know a thing about aliens or implants. I can't help.