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British military watches crop circle watchers

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  • LostSheep
    well, that's an area where there's a lot of army activity, so you'd probably expect to see helicopters and suchlike about... and if you were flying by and you saw a crop circle that looked like the CBS logo or whatever he said, you'd probably want to have a look, wouldn't you? I doubt that there's enough in the military budget to send helicopters out specifically watching crop cicle researchers. And that first one didn't look dangerously low.

    That looked a nice bit of flying by that Gazelle (the second low flying one); pity the video cut off just at that point. i wonder what happened next?

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  • Trithemius
    started a topic British military watches crop circle watchers

    British military watches crop circle watchers

    This is a short video clip discussing an incident that happened a couple of years ago where some crop circle researchers saw a definite military presence around one particular crop circle. Helicopters were flying over the circle and were coming very close to the researchers in their car, close enough that the people in the car could see the helicopter crew filming them as they filmed the helicopter.

    Link to video