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It's a comet! It's a plane! It's a...UFO!?!

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  • It's a comet! It's a plane! It's a...UFO!?!

    Okay. I am a sensible, logical person who is also very open-minded, but even I had a little trouble believing what my Mother and I saw one night about half a year ago...

    It had been a usual night of eating way later than we were supposed to; midnight munchies are a common enemy. We were in a parking lot across from the local McDonalds [I suggest the chicken tenders, personally] and were just talking and stuffing our faces while trying to unwind. Mother/Daughter bonding time [though we were mainly just being dorks] was interrupted, however, when Mom noticed something over the line of some trees. It looked to be a medium orange light that was larger than it should have been, given the assumed distance. Mom noted that it was flying at a pretty high speed, so either it was a comet [note we were sleepy and on the verge of a food coma; I think deep down we knew it wasn't a comet, since it was flying STRAIGHT, but hey, bad judgement on our part] or a plane in the hands of a harried or drunk pilot. We watched it for a few more moments, then the thing disappeared! Like, really, it didn't go out of sight; it was just flying along, then POOF! It was almost as if the thing went, "Oh, they're on to me!" And entered stealth mode or something. Then, just as we stopped caring, the same orange-ish light popped up again, only this time, it brought a friend. The lights flew straight one direction, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, each passing each other then going in the other direction, only to come back again. They did this several times, and by this time, we had both come to the conclusion that they were not planes. Mom, in her infinite wisdom, at one point said; "Okay, if a beam comes down from over them trees, I'm getting the hell out of this car and taking cover. " I nodded in agreement. No beam came down, though a few more pieces of interesting activity ocurred. The lights went on and off for a time, and at one time, they both seemed to have gained two more companions, because they started revolving in a semi-circular pattern, criss-crossing in between each other.

    A few minutes later, after our food was finished, we decided to pass by our old farm; it was a few miles away, out into the country; we had some spare gas and felt like talking about what we saw. And I swear on everything I believe in and cherish most...those lights followed us. I noticed them first this time. Well, it seemed like they were following us, anyway. I'm not ruling out that it was coincidence...but yeah. They followed us there, and they followed us back. We see them sometimes, off and on. And after about three months or so of not seeing much activity from them, we saw them again tonight.

    My mother has taken up smoking outside, so I sit with her on our porch sometimes; and we noticed that there was an odd constellation in the sky. Really, it looked to be only half-of the little dipper; some key stars were missing. Upon closer inspection, Mom noticed that the stars were twinkling oddly, and seemed to get bright, then dull, and that they seemed to grow apart bit by bit. On the other side of the house were a few more, though these disappeared much in the fashion of the ones by the parking lot. Mom and I spent a good five minutes making bad puns; we did see an airplane among them, so we did have a basis for comparison this time; they were very different. For instance, Mom made a funny while musing about techniques that UFO used to avert human detection. "Quick, look like a constellation!" Teeheee. The ones on the other side of the house were a it bit careless, I think; or maybe lazy. They just initiated stealth mode. =P

    But yeah, that's my sugar-induced story for the day. Let's just say that if UFO's do happen to be out to destroy humanity, my mother and I are probably going to be the first to go. We've seen too much. =P


    Oh, before I let you ponder this, I would like to make a quick note, and ask a quick question:

    Note: I don't really believe aliens or whatever you wish to call them, whatever they might be, are hostile enough to attack us one day. I mean, take a look around. Why should they waste valuable time and weaponry when they could just wait for us to destroy ourselves? Besides, free entertainment!!!

    And now for my question; has anyone else here seen anything similar? Does anyone have any theories? I will accept debunking theories as well as explanatory ones.

    Thanks! <333
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    Interesting story... a genuine UFO I would say, (meaning unidentified).
    From your description I am quite sure they are not comets, meteors or anything of the like.
    What is interesting is that whatever they are, your interaction with them is over an unusually long period. Is there a local UFO investigation society you could ask to investigate?
    If it happens again, maybe you could draw pictures of the 'constellation paterns'. The problem with them using constellation patterns to merge into the background is that this strategy would only work from one exact perspective (in other words someone looking at the same objects from half a mile down the street would not see the same pattern). So, if they are hiding or playing games with anyone, it would seem they are playing with you and your mum in particular.

    Or should I ask, what exactly are you and your Mum smoking when you sit out on the porch??!
    Only joking.
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      Ah, I see. I'm sure I can proably whip some sort of mediocre drawing up at some point in time; I'll add it to this thread when I have the chance; I'm not really sure when I'll have the time to get new art stuffs. My nephews raided my drawing supplies. @[email protected]

      And Mom is the only one that smokes anything, aside from my sister, who has not seen them. And yeah, we've been interacting for a little while; they could just be showing off. All like: "Ha, our technology is liek, way more advanced than yours! WHEEE!"

      But yeah; it is interesting, and I'm not really disturbed by it. Now, if I was out watching them, and a laser/abduction beam rushed towards me...I'd most likely scream like a little girl and run like a bat out of hell or faint, like the cowardly lion that I am. =P

      Thanks for your input, love.


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        I think that we are not the only intelligent life in the vast universe. BUT what I don't believe is that hey cross all that space only for a few seconds of seeing us. A japanese investigator said something that left me L.o.l for arround five minutes. Dr. Michio Kaku "As to why we haven’t been visited by other life forms yet, he answered, Do you walk down a hill and talk to an ant hill? Earth isn’t all that interesting when you think about it on a cosmic scale"

        Have you considered other theories like magical <<jokes>> or you being haunted by any one who may have any trouble with your family?
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          Originally posted by Routhven View Post
          I think that we are not the only intelligent life in the vast universe. BUT what I don't believe is that hey cross all that space only for a few seconds of seeing us. A japanese investigator said something that left me L.o.l for arround five minutes. Dr. Michio Kaku "As to why we haven’t been visited by other life forms yet, he answered, Do you walk down a hill and talk to an ant hill? Earth isn’t all that interesting when you think about it on a cosmic scale"
          I think Dr Kaku is very wrong.
          Many scientist on Earth do study ant hills in great detail because there is a lot we still have to learn about how their colanies work and how they fit in with their wider environment. Thus, even if we are reletively unintelligent to space faring civilisations there would still be much of interest that they could study here.

          Also while I agree that various forms of simple life may well be abundant in the universe, intelligent civilisations might still be quite rare, in which case Earth would be a fascinating place to study for those who are a little more developed than us.

          Moreover, we ourselves are prepared to spend gazillions in investigating reletively boring objects like our own moon; how much more would we be prepared to spend and how much further would we be prepared to go if we discovered a world that had intelligent life on it?
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            Aahhhh. I see I started a debate. Yay me!

            But yes, I'm fairly sure that it wasn't a hallucination [though McDonald's food ingredients might very well be suspect] but I can't really say about any other theory. Alot of people had problems with my family; despite our amiable nature, we have made our share of enemies. I guess that's just a sign that we're doing something worth-while. Not really sure that it is that we're doing, but yeah. My main concern with that theory would be my adopted aunt, Betty. My mother was adopted into their family and she and Shirley were convinced that my mother was just a stupid, worthless piece of white trash, and weren't afraid of voicing it either. It was serious enough to where I'm considering writing her biography; her story deserves to be told. It would also be a reminder to all adopting parents who have birth children as well to keep their brats under control. >/ The woman kicked us out of our home that we were supposed to have been entitled to, as my Grandmother told my mother the contents of her will before she passed, but Betty destroyed/hid it or something, or had one of the other siblings do it. She died some time ago, I think. But I'm assuming that Grandma and Grandpa are giving her a piece of their minds right about now, so I'm not really all too sure what else it could have possibly been.

            Now, as for alien's being interested in us, I can kind of see both of your theories having merit. Just keep in mind that there is probably more than one type of alien, each with their own sets of interests, attit.udes, and civilizations. But yeah, I nearly swore out loud when I read that we spent two million dollars studying the sex life of flies one year. Screw the starving, let's watch flies get it on! Sometimes, I wanna be president...But then I remember that we're not really a democracy, and that I'd most likely be assassinated or impeached within twenty-four hours. Heh.

            And oh, to answer your earlier question, Cassie, no, we do not have a local research group for UFO's, but surprisingly enough, we do have our own ghost hunter society. Apparently we're not all as closed-minded and stiff as I initially thought. =P
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              I think what you saw were Crop Seeders? I saw the same things in the sky a few weeks ago. My neighbor and I sat out front and watched them for an HOUR! and then the other neighbors (after wondering what the heck we were all looking at) came and saw too.
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                Well, there are a bunch of fields out that way, so that is definitely a possibility. But, due to the other evidence, I'm more inclined to believe they were something else. I really can't see crop seeders flying that fast, but hey, we're hicks, so beer+pilot= speed seeding. =P


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                  hey, I am not totally convinced that what I saw was infact a crop seeder for two reasons,
                  one, it zig zagged and seemed to come in from up there, and
                  two, they hovered and were in a triangular formation..
                  really freaky..
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                    My hubby and I saw a UFO (again, only UFO to us, cause it was unidentified) while we driving thru Arizona.
                    What ever it was, was hauling ass across the sky then slowed to a hung there for a while.....flew straight up......down.......back across....and back the other way to where it had been hovering.
                    It had not lights that we could see, it was just silvery.
                    We kept joking that what ever it was looked like it was making 'the sign of the cross' in the sky:hehehehe:
                    and then it zipped off just as fast as it arrived

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                      that was a very interesting story you shared. i really liked reading because it's really realistic and was shared in detail. unlike other ufo confessions wherein it sounds kinda funny and movie-like. i really wish someday i could also experience one of these ufo close encounter. good thing no beam went out because your mom could have ran away already. what you saw truly wasn't the ordinary. those things weren't pplanes for they haovered back and fort in a straight line and even in a zig zag direction. a helicopter could also do it but not that fast and that straight.
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