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  • An observation: Shared?

    I have seen, twice in my life, something that I would almost call an UFO.
    The reason why I say almost, is that, I am not going to be so blatant that I go out there saying "I just saw an UFO!". I dont know that much about all the stuff that happens in the heavens, in the different layers and spheres, and ouside in our own solar system. So, what do I know? It might just be an oddly behaving russian satelite or something.

    However, here the other day I saw it again, just like I did 9 years ago.
    The same object, and the same type of movement.

    It was an oval object, even though it must be way far away, I can still tell that it was oval, just like I did the last time. It is oval, and has like a sharks fin, only under, instead of on top. It seem dark, but I think it is metallic gray, but again, I dont know how I could see it, as it was far up, more than a plane`s height. And I only see it for seconds, because it is there one moment, then suddenly it starts moving, and it moves really fast, and from where I am it looks like it moves horisontally away, in a sharp movement, not even, before it just poof is not there anymore.

    It moves too slow, and to sharply to be a falling star, and it falls the wrong way :P Lol.. I dont know if falling stars alway fall vertically from where we see them, but at least this thing dont move like one. It is not a plane, or some type of helicopter, it is just too far away, and it moves wierdly, and it disappears. It cant possibly be a satelite, because it must be too close, or if it isnt, satelites dont just disappear, do they? Like poof?

    Oh, and I should mention, I saw all this with my own eyes, and not a telescope or something. And I know it was not jnust a flash of my eyes, because I have only seen it twice, and the first time I saw it, back when I was twelve, a friend of mine saw it too. We were both lying on our backs, in a cornfield in the middle of the night. Dont ask me why, I dont want to get into that situation :P Lol. We opened our eyes at the same time, and both said "Did you see that?!" On the same time, before we got really scared and ran back to my house where we spent several minutes shouting to my mum about UFO`s and attacking aliens.
    You could say my mum did not exactly call the authorities or something.
    So this time, I am not telling anyone, but I would like to know if anyone has seen the same phenomena?
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    Well, I have seen what appeared to be stars, but the couldnt have been because they moved in zig zag patterns, they werent crop seeders because it is frickin oct/nov unless crop seeders are able to stay up there for 6 to 7 hours at a time..

    I have video on my youtube channel, but it is too blurry.
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      i think what you saw truly wasn't ordinary. true it was too slow to be a meteor and moved to fast to be a normal airplane. the way they moved in a zigzag pattern is kinda impossible to be done with a helicopter or even an advanced aircraft. if only you had taken pictures or even a video, that would really be cool to show to the people. others are already making money out of it and most of them are fakes though. the way it also disappeared just like that is the most odd thing. maybe the military has invented an aircraft that could camouflage itself instantly in air. that would really be cool if there is a such thing. lucky you because you got a chance to see one for yourself. wish i could have the same experience someday.
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