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    Zombie Apocalypse

    This place is eating at my soul and I can feel it. I have always been able to feel it. Always been ready to escape it. This long vacation that started ten yeas ago and has yet to end. I pray that I am out of this place by the time I turn 22 but I know this will probably not happen. The people here are cesspools for depression and disease. They infect people with judgmental glares and infected knives that they stab into your back when you're not looking and sometimes only when you are looking. Loved ones turn foe in the blink of an eye, for no apparently reason. There's already a zombie apocalypse I'm telling you, it's not coming- it's here. And the disease isn't necessarily airborn, or perhaps it is but places like Brunswick County and to be sure countless other counties around the world have been overridden with zombies. .

    This outbreak is not making people eat brains that's for sure (in most cases). It's causing people to become bumbling idiots, childish, immature, back stabbing dishonest people, turning the judgement of good people with good intentions into shit; maybe you can even look at it likes its bringing out the true person inside of people (which unfortunately in most cases equals judgmental bumbling idiots that can't think for themselves). This is a zombie apocalypse if I've ever seen one. There may not be rabid people eating other people on the streets, and it may or may not spread with physical contact but the people in this world don't act human. And to me it seems we feast on each others souls and misery. We call ourselves humans and it's not because we have opposable thumbs, it's not because we have emotion and complex thought (because animals have that too; apes have thumbs and dolphins are now classified as non-human persons with full self awareness and speech capabilities), but because we are aware of what is right and wrong, because we are aware of humanity and it is a duty as this species to be humane.

    But people don't look at it like that anymore, I don't think people have really looked at it like that for centuries. Yet still it carries through in our blood and not everyone ignores it. I don't ignore it. I won't be infected. But I will stay clear of any "infected unhumanes" or "zombies". Because even if I won't let myself be affected the disease can still bring negative things into my life, can still bring stress which brings sickness, and negative energy which causes all sorts of things to happen even if it's just emotionally. There's a zombie apocalypse going down and it's spreading fast or maybe it's spreading slow and I'm only just now seeing the truth behind it all, but boy it's here- oh it's here. I knew a revolution would happen years ago, lots of people knew that something was going to happen, and now all around the world countries and their country men are revolutionizing their ways and it's just in time to fight the zombies because I also believe that zombies rule the world. Presidents, Ambassadors, Kings, Queens, not all just most. Corporal business men. There's a reason 90% of America's wealth is in 1% of it's population, because zombies are scary and they know how to reign terror whether publicly or surreptitiously to get what they want when they want it how they want it. Be aware earthlings, stay safe. If your loved ones suddenly start acting out in strange ways, turn their back on you after years of friendship, lash out viciously, they may be affected and you have a choice to risk infection yourself to try and pull them out of it, or run like hell. Zombies are strong, we have to be stronger.
    - Kryst 07/06/11 © 2011

    So comments?
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