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  • The red lizardman

    I've had a really strange experience, and I am not sure if it was an extraterrestrial, or some otherkin or something else, but what I could find on Google, it lead me too believe it might have been something not from this Earth.

    I was "dreaming" that I was with a being that looked like a human/reptile hybrid with red skin, he told me red was a rare skin color, his race was usualy green. He was about a month old, and his race lives for about 2 years, so he was a young adult. He told me his name, but I only remember the first letter sounds like our letter "Z" and that his name was 4 letters long. His eyes where alot like an alligators too. His body was well built. Not skinny and not like a body builder, but it showed he was very active. He wasn't wearing any clothes.

    We where in a strange forest near a river. He told me a lot about himself and that he liked me alot. He told me his race had strong instincts and apparently quite a libido. I won't go into detail but we had some naughty fun, he was quite rough but it was alright. Afterwards he held his arm around my shoulder and we sat by the river for a while longer before going too his home, it seemed he lived alone. The house was very strange, it was round on the outside and had 1 big square room on the inside where he had a fireplace, something that looked like a bean-bag chair. That was the only furniture in the whole house. There was a spiral staircase leading up back into the forest, so this room was underground. After we've hanged out for a while he said it was time for me too head back home, things went back and I awoke in my own bed and with an obsession: I have too find out about him, and his people. I am convinced he exists and that I have real feelings for him, I like him alot and I miss him.

    I googled "Red skinned human lizard hybrid" and came up with this link:

    Her discriptions are spot on, that is exactly what he looked like.

    Do anybody else have any experiences with lizard people? Or know anything about them? If you have any questions I'll do my best too answer them.