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  • I said no, though I do believe in the existance of other life forms from other planets, I do NOT believe in their visits to earth.
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    • why not, well i have a couple weird theories of own, allthough there not to detailed, basicaly about the accuratness of the pyramid when the ancient egyptians didnt have the wheel, the corresponding positions to the star and the water erosion which suggest their at least twice as old as previusly thought, allthough Im not sayong it is extra terrestrials, im just sayng i think they had help and i mean it would explaon alot of things and ill shut up now before everyone thinks im crazy
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      • I believe in ETs. I believe that they are here and have been interacting with humans for a very long time. I believe that various governments are hiding proof of the alien involvement with humanity and I believe that the truth of the matter will come out in our lifetimes. What will happen after that is anyone's guess.
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        • I find it kinda hard to imagine a person believing in gods and goddesses, but not aliens.
          Often the two are confused, some people think they are communicating with aliens when in fact they are communicating (loosely) with godforms.
          And, some people believe they are communicating with godforms, when in fact it's aliens.

          Aliens from other planets do visit the earth.
          Some say it can't be done, the distance is too far inbetween planets.
          But the greys, and other factions, have the technology to move interdimensionally thru space-time.
          And some of the Elder Greys are millions of years old (earth years).


          • Originally posted by Miss Goody Two Shoes
            I find it kinda hard to imagine a person believing in gods and goddesses, but not aliens.
            Not really. Most people are willing to believe in one thing but not another.
            Aliens from other planets do visit the earth.
            Got any evidence?
            Some say it can't be done, the distance is too far inbetween planets.
            But the greys, and other factions, have the technology to move interdimensionally thru space-time.
            And this is why I find stories of UFOs and such to be so hard to believe. These aliens are way ahead of us technologically. They'd have to be just to get here. Yet they don't have stealth technology. I've heard numerous reports of UFOs appearing on radar. They don't have active camouflage, which we're developing right now. They don't seem to have basic medical imaging technology, either. Every abduction story I've heard that speaks of medical experiments invovles the aliens using sharp instruments for things an X ray, ultrasound, or MRI could do. And if they're so advanced, why can't they completely blank a person's memory, instead of doing it piecemeal? Or why not jut render the subject totally unconscious in a manner human doctors have been doing since the 19th century? Why are they so obssessed with our genitals but none of our body's other systems?
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            • I said 'no' because half of that question was false for me. I do believe in aliens, but I do not believe they've come home, live among us, or have taken anyone for any reason. I'm sure there's life out there somewhere, though whether 'intelligent' or not, who knows? I'm also inclined to think they live outside this solar system, but with our finding things such as moons and the like, that could be wrong.
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              • Originally posted by Eijse
                I'll believe in aliens when I bring down a UFO with a shotgun and then drag their little corpses out of the wreckage.

                My cousin claimed to have shot at a UFO, but it didn't bring it down.

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                • That reminds me of that one sheriff who claimed to have photographed that big metal lined creature ....

                  if I were the sheriff I would've capped his ass... I'd probably disappear off the face of the planet, but still....


                  • Yes I believe in aliens. People associate UFO's with aliens now but no one knows if UFO's are from space. I believe in UFO's because I've seen them and so have people I know. I don't know where they come from but everyone assumes space aliens occupy them and that's that but we don't know. Perhaps they are but maybe they're also something else too such as inter dimensional visions or secret aircraft? I also believe that there are other intelligent life forms elsewhere in the Universe.


                    • Yes and no. I believe in aliens, but I don't think there here paying us a visit from time to time.
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                      • As far as the UFOs they are continualy seen by large groups of people, not just rednecks in missouri and alabama, but worldwide, piticularly Italy. The sighters range from doctors and lawers to bluecollar, from rural to urban, throughout all ethnic groups and races. In fact many of the people writing books and documentarys to convince people of these things were originaly hired as public debunkers during the cold war by the Feds to fight paranoia that the same UFOs were russian.

                        As far as the abduction thing, it doesn't involve groups, but it is thousands of cases and as varied as the people who report the sightings. They follow an in depth pattern, and typicly mention the same exact aliens.

                        Could it still be made up? The UFOs, Hell NO! Are any of the popular excuses any good? No! Does That mean that they're from outer space? No! I happen to think that some of the larger scale sightings I've read about sound like curios elementals playing around. We'd need many other unconventional explinations though.

                        As far as the abductions? I think that if any of the scientists studying abductions are being honest about their reaserch, the question is no longer if it happens but why. Then again thats based on the idea that at least some of them are objective and honest, at least one. If they are all making up cases and leading witnesses, I see much room for doubt.

                        But then again I have recently been analyzing it in my mind and I'm starting to doubt the moon landing. I'm going to have to do some reaserch into that one though.
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                        • I* Believe!

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                          • theres just no way i can believe as big as the universe is that we are the only planet with life.
                            I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO TELL YOU AGAIN !!

                            i will but i don't want to :


                            • Like some of you have already mentioned, I believe there are other life forms out there and I think it's a little arrogant and ignorant of us to assume that humans are the only 'creatures' that exist in the universe.

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                              • Yes, there have to be aliens!!!!

                                I have a hard time believeing that humans are the most advanced creatures in the universe.
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