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    I know these may seem hard to believe, but they are real and I've never hallucinated and Im not crazy.Some people as you read in the accounts have witnessed it as well, so here's your proof.If anyone can find a way to explain them than please do becuase I am confused as to what they are.I hope you can help and please tell me if you have seen anything like these.Thanks.
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    1.March 17 I was going to school on the bus and I saw like 7 jets in the sky at one time and I didn't think much of it untill after staring out the window for a minute I just saw this black or grey object appear in the sky and start moving over head. I had the weirdest feeling inside me like things weren't right and that something else was happening.I cant guess what but it doesn't seem much of a coincidence that the jets in wich Ive never seen more at a time in all my life were also there in the sky.One was chasing this object.Soon it sped up and I couldn't find it again.

    2.One night I had walked outside to get some air and I looked up and saw this star, it was diamond shaped and it was very big so for a second I had stopped because it startled me to see a start that big, but after a minute I realized it didn't look like a star at all and the sky was full of dark clouds and I couldn't see any other star.After a while it became smaller and acted as though the horizon was pulling at it and it got lower and I couldn't see it anymore.A little weirded out I went back into the house.About 10 minutes later something caught my eye and i looked outside to see what looked like 3 white slanted eyes fly too fast for a plane and disappear behind some trees.I walked outside, trying to look casual in front of my family, since they did not see it and I stood on the porch again.When I looked up in all directions I couldn't see anything at all like it never happened and it was just a cloudy night.I walked a few steps forward and stared up in one direction and in a confused manner I turned around to go back into the house and very startling I saw the diamond there again.I still cant explain this.I am sure that the "star" wasn't hidden behind clouds.Some would say it was Venus but when I look up evernight at the sky and I see Venus it doesn't resemble what I saw it all, this diamond shaped object was alot larger and it disappeared various times.

    3.I was meditating in my room and about 20 minutes later I stood up and oddly out of no intention walked over to the window and looked out to my left.There above the trees was three red lights, it hovered for a while and a few times it would move side to side and I remember getting so frustrated because it fell down below the trees and I could no longer see it.Although we have no red lights in that area, the only lights are yellow and they are street lights.It started moving radically from side to side and it stayed like that and soon I quit watching it.

    4.This is the first of my recent sightings. I was standing with my brother talking on the porch and after a while I looked up and in the ray of the sunset I saw this shining metallic obejct that flew over a few inches of my vision and disappeared again.This was not a plane or a jet and it wasn't a Meteor because Ive seen a meteor twice and it didn't look anything alike.It was impossible for this to be some kind of reflection, I know it was a metallic object.I am sure of it.

    5.One night I got up from falling asleep on the floor and there is this window at the foot of my bed that if you lay down beside the bed on the floor you will be facing the window, and the blinds are always open at night, so I stood up and it surprised me when I saw a triangular object there in the sky, I think it was gold and it was very big, I dont remember much but I do remember seeing it and I am sure I was not dreaming because after I looked at it it continued to sit there so I just got up on my bed and I woke up on my bed in the morning so I was not dreaming.It didn't really look much like a star it looked as though it was reflecting off of something below it, its hard to explain exactly what it looked like.But I know it was very big and it was not a star.

    6.This was almost scarey. I was in the car with my boyfreind and as we were riding down this rode close to his house beside this corner store I saw this very very big light and it looked as though it was a fat peice of transportation and it moved oddly the only color it was was yellow and there was something on the bottom of it like a propeller almost except it moved unatural like anything Ive ever seen, it was huge and I couldn't even see behind the light of it, it was uncanny it just shinned like emmitting heat and light.It made no sound. I didn't tell anyone because I was too affraid I'd get imbarrissed and my boyfreind was the driver so I just didn't tell him.As we pulled into the parking lot of the store it pulled up and strode in my direction and then I couldn't tell where it went, but it was very weird....

    7.I was with my boyfreind at night and he was cleaning his car and after a while looking from him to the sky I saw this light glide across the sky to my left, but it was long enough for me to know that it wasn't a plane or a star or a satelite or a meteor, it was upright like a can and at the bottom kind of glided its way across the sky. I couldn't come up with any explanation for it and all this star gazing that I do Ive never seen anything like it. It was so uncanny, it was weird.Im still unsure what it was.

    8.I woke up in the middle of the night and as I stood up because once again I was asleep on the floor and I saw wich scared me a bit this light by the moon, it was so pretty but I couldn't find a way to explain it.It was like some kind of disk wich glowed light blue and silver. Thats the only way I can explain it, all of these sightings keep me guessing and sometimes I dont even know what Im seeing.I'm getting very tired of not having an explanation.

    9.I had walked outside and as I was walking I noticed a light in the sky and I thought that it was moving, thinking nothing of it because I was moving I just stopped instead and watched it, but it continued to move.Puzzled as to what it was I asked my Dad who was on the porch what he thought it was and he said it was probably a plane, but he wasn't really looking.It was not a plane, I told him, because its bright white and yellow and it was not blinking, the size of it was pretty big about half an inch long from where I stood, almost as if it was the same size if you put your finger in the air.It just slowly moved across the sky and I asked my Dad if it could be a satelite but he said no, it was much too close and bright and I laughed,"Than what is it?" He never answered.I guess he did not know.Soon it started to move out in front of me and it faded the more it moved ahead.Oddly, right after I looked at it fading I looked to the right of it and saw a satelite moving in the sky, it was much faster than the light I had seen.

    10.August, 26.2004 I was in the car with Alex (My boyfreind) going to pick of David from work.On our way there we drove past a feild that is in the back of a school that I used to go to, its also close to a baseball feild.When we passed it I looked up and saw a plane flying in the sky on the horizon, I looked up when I saw a yellow light.I realized it wasn't a plane,I dont know what it was but it was much faster than any normal aircraft.I dont know what speed it was flying but it must have been around 70 - 80 miles an hour across the night sky and disappeared.I remember feeling surprised at how fast it was because Im sure that Ive never seen a plane fly that fast before.It glowed yellow and it was bigger than a plane or a helicopter or jet, before it disappeared it flickered like a candle and the lights that I saw in it were green and red as if it were about to fade but it just disappeared and wasn't making any noise it looked exactly like the thing I recently saw on the pourch with my Dad #10.This time it didn't just glow yellow but shinned and had a glint to it like a star, except obviously it was alot bigger.Before we had pulled into the parking lot of the Market to pick up David I saw another craft with 3 big glowing yellow lights and it was flying over the trees off the side of the road and dropped straight down and as we pulled in I could see it moving and flying around in between the trees.When we were pulling out to go back home around 12 midnight what looked like a large yellow star was following us.It came up from under trees in the very distance and it flew straight for our car, but it was behind us and I was looking at it in the mirror before I turned and watched it for a second as we turned on a corner and couldn't see it again.Nobody was paying much attention, the driver, Alex, wasn't and David was singing loudly from the radio and being his normal loud self so I didn't worry about it.Ive never seen 3 in the time or 2 hours and in the same night before.I was kind of weirded out by that
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